A metamorphic cacophony of blackened death doom metal fueled by the rage induced by capitalism and mortality.

Invoke within mayhem and mercy
And embrace pain empathetic pain
Provoke that which lurks beyond the portals at twilight breathing in the foul wet odor of blood
Beyond exposed gateways exists the birth of a new free sense of wonder
The sacrifice and scars we endure in solitude bear down upon our spiritual beings
Substance that makes moments stand still slay the impulses shredding our mortal skin.
Monuments and mausoleums decay among the dark wretches of time
Alone at dawn as at dusk
It rotates across this plane severing years and corrupting all fleeting minds
Finally, eternal we rest at ease as we greet our awaiting elders.

“Necroptuary” tracklist:

01. Necroptuary
02. Decomposed Disembodied
03. Immortal Corpses


LARVAE was formed in 2011 by Brad Kobylczak with bandmates Wyatt Culbertson, Simon Masiewicki and Nick Katich aka Balan previously of several established Northern California metal and hardcore bands including Kuru, Eulogy, Abrupt, Born/Dead, Elk and Palace of Worms. The intent was to evoke primal emotions through sinister sounding metal emphasizing dynamic and destructive guitar layering that create dissonant melodies.
The self titled demo in 2012 grabbed the immediate attention of local bookers and promoters prompting shows and leading to local support for Crowbar, Graves At Sea, Bell Witch and Entombed A.D. In 2014 they released their first full length, “Grave Descent”, on LP and CS with the help of Parasitic Records. Dara Santhai from Serpent Crown joined on guitar following Balan’s departure which enabled more West Coast touring and dialed in the bands current day OSDM sound, lending more thrash influence. After the departure of their drummer in 2017, Raul Varela from Impaled filled in on session drums for a three song demo.
In 2019 the band was reanimated adding Eric Evert from Funeral Stain and Did Is Dead to the lineup for his death metal drumming debut and are releasing the demo as an EP entitled “Necroptuary”. The EP showcases punishing crescendos, diabolical rhythms, gutting mood changes and epic solos. With this third installment, also recorded by Kobylczak at his own Condemned Recording Studio, LARVAE is sounding the death knell once again.
LARVAE are currently starting to write new material for a second full length and are planning tours throughout the West Coast and beyond.

Current Lineup:

Brad Kobylczak – Vocals/ Guitars
Dara Santhai – Lead Guitars
Wyatt Culbertson – Bass
Eric Evert – Drums



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