Larkin Poe - Venom & Faith - Album Review
Larkin Poe - Venom & Faith - Album Review 10
Larkin Poe - Venom & Faith - Album Review 10
Larkin Poe - Venom & Faith - Album Review 10
Larkin Poe - Venom & Faith - Album Review 10
Larkin Poe - Venom & Faith - Album Review 10
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Larkin Poe return with their third album Venom & Faith and it is an absolute beauty, ten sublime tracks that envelope you in the sultry vocals and smokey style that just flows over you like a warm breeze.

The two sisters who are equally as  “B e a u t i f u l”  as they are talented have produced a stunning album rich in their signature Americana, Blues, Folk goodness and just like momma’s home cooking, it’ll have you coming back for more time and time again. From the highly addictive ‘Sometimes’ with its rhythmic vocal delivery and mesmerising melody it announces the arrival of Venom & Faith with great aplomb.

‘Bleach Blonde Bottle Blues’ and Rebecca’s vocals are delicious as she sends the hairs on the back of your neck on end, and it’s just one of many that take your breath away on this sumptuous album. ‘Mississippi’ feat one of our other fav artists Tyler Bryant, who we interviewed on his first visit to Belfast (N.Ireland) and is one cool cat, sprinkles a little of his magic on this dark, sultry track. The album ebb’s and flows throughout and has its peaks and troths, which keeps the listener fully engaged. There are your traditional Blues, Gospel, inspired numbers such as ‘Blue Ridge Mountains’ and then you have Larkin Poe’s contemporary take with tracks like ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ that changes the vibe nicely, the album is wrapped up perfectly with the haunting ‘Good And Gone’.

The musicianship is first class, a slice of perfection in a world packed with cookie cutter bands that just blend into one another, there’s none of that bullshit here. Just unadulterated talent that deserves you undivided attention, turn down the lights, pour yourself a drink and crack that stereo up!

Venom & Faith arrives Nov 9th via all the usual platforms and the girls hit Europe and London on Nov 21st for a very special show indeed.




Venom & Faith Tracklist: 

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