Laptop Punk Records Announces New Singles From Grim Deeds, Marisa in Pink, and the Felonz

Laptop Punk Records Announces New Singles From Grim Deeds, Marisa in Pink, and The Felonz 
Laptop Punk Records has unveiled new singles today from Grim Deeds, Marisa in Pink, and the Felonz (see No Echo label profile)!
Laptop Punk Records was formed by Grim Deeds in 2020 as an outlet for friends and underground punk artists to release singles and albums digitally, and to release a compilation series in the spirit of Lookout! and Fat Wreck Chords. Laptop Punk emphasizes DIY and encourages home recording projects, and also celebrates side-projects and one-offs from both obscure and well-known artists. Lisa Marr of Cub, Kim Warnick of The Fastbacks, and John Jughead Pierson of Screeching Weasel are among the artists who’ve contributed songs, as well as many obscure and new artists with exciting ideas and talent to offer. Laptop Punk’s mission is to promote inspired songwriting from across the globe, and there are already great releases from international (Japanese, Indonesian, Ukrainian, Russian) artists in the catalog. With new releases launching every month, the pace is set to continue strong into 2022 and a new compilation cd is on the way. Laptop Punk Records Compilation Volume 1 is now available and features 29 hits from a wide variety of artists.
Grim Deeds is the avatar of human suffering in 1-2-3-4 pop punk (and occasionally metal) form. His deep catalog of songs reflects a mind tormented by reality and in search of meaning through songwriting and community. The DIY spirit is alive and well throughout the 20 (home) studio albums so far, and peers have referred to Deeds as the “hardest working man in punk rock”. Be it through songs, interviews, or his label Laptop Punk Records, Grim Deeds seeks to champion underground punk wherever it may be found, and to promote creativity as therapy for fellow weirdos like himself.
Marisa In Pink is an authentic DIY punk artist/songwriter hailing from the storied East Bay of California. Her songs strike a chord with their brutal honesty and MTX/Green Day inflected melodies. Raw, straightforward, and poignant – her songs will get stuck in your head and inspire you to live beyond the expectations prescribed for your life.
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