LAMENT CITYSCAPE: Heavy Industrial/Sludge Collective Shares New Track + Announces ‘The Old Wet’ EP

Lament Cityscape shares new track “Among The Dead” from the upcoming EP [Listen]

Heavy industrial collective Lament Cityscape concludes the year with the EP, The Old Wet. The finale of the conceptual EP trilogy, The Old Wet will be out on the occasion of the winter solstice (December 21st). The previous two chapters of the series — The New Wet and The Pulsing Wet— arrived earlier half of this year. A single concept crosses into all three EPs, each EP representing a stage in transforming oneself into something new. This third chapter accepts and embraces a new form or role, unlike the previous two EPs, which were about fighting against and fearing the inevitable transition.

The Sleeping Shaman is premiering the 2nd track, “Among the Dead.” STREAM IT RIGHT HERE.

In Lament Cityscape brainchild Mike McClatchey’s own words:

“‘Among The Dead was the first song written for The Wet EPs. It was meant for some world-building by bringing up characters and ideas from older songs and expanding their role. At the time it was written, I considered it the most straightforward pop song of ours, but since then, we’ve released a lot more subtle and dance-based music. Anyhow, we are really excited to get this song out there finally. We can’t wait to play it loud. You should too.”

EP Pre-Orders are live AT THIS LOCATION.

Initially started off as a sludge unit by Mike McClatchey in 2013, Lament Cityscape would later gradually turn into a heavy industrial artillery, channeling unearthly terror and dismally charged eeriness. Although their sound can be categorized best with the heavy industrial umbrella, the Oakland based unit transposes the identifiers of murky sludge, post-metal, dark post-punk, avant-noise, and dark ambient as well. Currently set as a four-piece, Lament Cityscape continued the majority of the journey as a duo.

Lament Cityscape enters a drearier and more enigmatic trajectory with the upcoming EP, The Old Wet. Grappling with different low and lurching tones, ambient rumbles, hypnotic hymns, and decomposing textures throughout the three tracks, the ever-evolving experimental industrial act ends a chapter and opens a new door at the same time.


Performed by Mike McClatchey | David Small | Seánan McCullough | Peter Layman | Lee Bartow.

Recorded and mixed by Mike McClatchey at Underland Studios in Oakland, CA and Buffalo, WY.

Live Drums and Additional Percussion Recorded by Ben Hirschfield at Nu-Tone Recording in Pittsburg, CA.

Mastered by Zach Weeks at God City Recording Studio in Salem, MA.

Cover Art by Mike McClatchey.

Lament Cityscape Live Lineup:
Mike McClatchey | Seánan McCullough | Peter Layman | Jim Willig

For More Info:

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