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I’m fed up of reading comments like “No Chris Adler, no Lamb of God”, “Why would you self-title your eighth album” and other such bitching comments by people who are either keyboard warriors or elitists that feel that the soul of the band is no longer there or that the band have somehow lost their way. Get this on and accept that you are wrong!

Lamb of God, blasted on to the scene 20 years ago with New American Gospel that was followed up by the 2003 release As The Palaces Burn. 2004 saw the release of Ashes Of The Wake and 2006 release Sacrament saw the band make a Top 10 Billboard 200 chart debut. 2009 was the time for Wrath which took number 1 on Billboard’s Hard Rock, Rock, and Tastemaker Chart along with numerous other international accolades that were replicated in 2012 with Resolution before VII: Sturm und Drand reached the top 5 in five countries in 2015.

So now we are up to speed and accept that Art Cruz is now on drums (the same person who filled in for Adler perfectly well on the Slayer farewell tour) let’s get down to business!!

Volume 8 of the Lamb of God discography is made up of 10 tracks, some of which have already been released, of balls out Metal that will have the doubters eating their words and have the fans ready to hear this new stuff live.

Kicking off with ‘Memento Mori’ one of the previously released tracks, we have the atmospheric intro and then the glorious LoG sound commences as the drums blast through your soul, the bass lays down the groove that the guitars rip from and then the famous D. Randall Blythe vocal. From the start you are looking to start a pit and things get heavier!!

By the time we hit ‘Poison Dream’ we have had 6 tracks of the highest quality and then to mix things up a bit we have a guest appearance by Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) to throw a little Hardcore into the mix and make you want to throw down a little more, if that is possible.

‘Routes’ includes Chuck Billy from Testament, combining the perfect level of melody and Metal to keep you bouncing through and by the time ‘On The Hook’ closes the album you will wondering what all the doubts and snide remarks were all about. This is Lamb of God and this album is incredible!

Ed Ford


Lamb of God is released Friday 19th June 2020 via Nuclear Blast


Track List

1. Memento Mori
2. Checkmate
3. Gears
4. Reality Bath
5. New Colossal Hate
6. Resurrection Man
7. Poison Dream (with Jamey Jasta)
8. Routes (with Chuck Billy)
9. Bloodshot Eye
10. On The Hook



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