La Armada Release New Single + Video ” La Fé No Abasta”

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La Armada Release New Single + Video ” La Fé No Abasta”; New Album ‘Anti-Colonial Vol. 2’ Out February 11, 2022

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“A requiem for a post-pandemic society. The song reflects on the futile “thoughts and prayers” culture and the consequences of corporate greed. The guitars gravitate on an intricate melodic universe that is aggressive but melancholic. Perfectly complemented by heavy breakdowns and a driving punk beat reminiscent of the post-hardcore era.” – La Armada

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Chicago by way of the Dominican Republic 5-piece La Armada has unveiled the video for the new single “Checkmate Humanity.”

The track appears on their upcoming album “Anti-Colonial Vol. 2,” out Feb 11, 2022 via the band’s own label Mal De Ojo Records in the U.S. and Latin America. The LP will be released via Thousand Islands Records in Canada and Lockjaw Records in Europe and the UK.

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Watch the “Checkmate Humanity” video here:

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Of the video, the band says, “For this video we collaborated with Dominican-born, Berlin-based, contemporary Dance Artist Tatiana Mejía. The challenge was to interpret the chorus of the song, “Who or what is it that conquers me?” / “¿Quién o qué me conquista?”

This is our call for us all to reflect on over consumption, greed, and selfishness in the digital age and the effects that this has on our minds and on the planet. Colonialism is not just a physical harm, it also lives through the influences we allow into ourselves.

With this collaboration between the artistic diaspora of the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean, we continue to leave our mark in heavy music. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.”


La Armada’s newest offering, “Anti-Colonial Vol. 2” was born in chaos. The band captured the tribulations of 2020 in three separate stints at Chicago’s Electrical Audio Studios and the result is a ferociously defiant album that looks to push heavy music into new spaces.

The record is an impassioned mix of the hardcore punk they refined during their time in Chicago, and Afro-Taino elements of their Caribbean culture. Songs range from soothing grooves to fast-paced brutal anthems, all made deeply satisfying largely in part to new vocalist Casper Torres warm and rage-filled delivery that will have just about anyone ready to put a fist in the air.

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What others have said about La Armada:

La Armada transform adversity into community… With the EP series ‘Songs of the Exiled,’ the Dominican-born hardcore band honor the cities they’ve called home… They also continue to challenge themselves as musicians, increasingly injecting Afro-Caribbean rhythms into their ripping hardcore, punk, and metal.” – Chicago Reader

” In addition to perfecting a vicious live show, the hardworking quintet developed a unique style of progressive punk-inflected metallic hardcore that marries jumpy tempos, while experimenting with building songs around Latin rhythms.” – VICE

” La Armada is one of the most hard hitting bands around. Their constant grinding and work ethic has created profound material that’ll get people thinking about what’s going on in the world. Their frantic energy and song compositions also provide the promise of a good time, for you won’t be able to stop moshing when the music starts.” – Metal Injection

“Combining powerful lyrics and furious musicianship, La Armada have proven themselves an outstanding force of brutality and passion.” – New Noise Magazine

“Watching La Armada work a crowd into a frenzy is almost as inspiring as how hard they work as a band. Going on after they level the room is no easy task.” – Jason Cruz (Strung Out)

” Onstage and offstage, La Armada are equal parts electrifying, versatile, ambitious, indefatigable and amiable. From the perspective of a fan base or a record label, all the qualities you want in a band.” – Chris Hannah (Propagandhi)


La Armada are:

Casper Torres – vocals

Paul Rivera – guitar

Jonathan Salazar – guitar

Mani Marte – bass

Chino Sandoval – drums

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