LA area punk / power-pop band For Closure has released a new single “Careful What You Wish For” via Mindpower Records.

LA area punk / power-pop band For Closure (fronted by vocalist Gizz Lazlo (former drummer of U.K. Subs, Dr. Know and The Freeze)

Releases New Single “Careful What You Wish For”- A Tale of Unrequited Love, Betrayal, and Karmic Retribution

Upcoming Debut LP Out Later This Year

RIYL: Samiam, Superchunk, Alkaline Trio, Doughboys

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“…Big Melodic Hooks…”- No Echo

“Featuring a fuzzy, lo-fi, post-punk, garage rock sound…”- V13

“For Closure is a supergroup with decades of collective experience under the belts. Born from the ashes of For Sale, and featuring members of U.K. Subs, F.Y.P., Jr. Juggernaut, and more. If that’s not enough to pique your interest, you’re probably dead.”- That’s Good Enough For Me

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LA area punk / power-pop band For Closure has released a new single “Careful What You Wish For” via Mindpower Records.

Stream “Careful What You Wish For” HERE:

Front man Gizz Lazlo (former drummer of U.K. Subs, Dr. Know and The Freeze) says, “”Careful What You Wish For” is a story about unrequited love. A story about someone who loves too deeply. A person who believes in true love but is lost in an ocean of love, and suddenly realizes that they’re not the only person in their lover’s eyes, life, and heart. It’s about going to your lover’s home to surprise them with a weekend getaway and seeing someone else there who’s known for their past as not a good person in their previous relationships. Someone who was told that that other person was just a friend, and then realized they were being lied to over and over again. It’s about wondering what to do – run or fight? In this story, the jilted lover decides to walk away but leaves a message behind. A message of Karma. No one in their right mind wants to see their ex physically hurt, but for an idealist dreamer, there has to be that moment when you find out that your ex has been left behind the way you knew it was going to end, and you can’t help but feel that feeling of reprieve in that you’re not the only one whose heart was broken. So if you’re cheating on your mate, seeing someone behind their back, or just flirting with someone else and thinking you can do better? There’s always the chance that your new “toy” will in turn do everything you’ve done to your ex. It’s not hard to love someone, but today it seems hard to keep someone in your life and keep that loving flame ablaze. So be careful what you wish for.”

Upcoming Shows:

6/29 >> SECRET SHOW << Las Vegas, NV
6/29 >> DOUBLE DOWN << Las Vegas, NV
7/13 >> Golden Bull << Oakland, CA
8/31 >> Pour House << Oceanside CA
9/21 >> Last Call << Tarzana, CA


With decades of experience performing in bands throughout the Southern California punk rock scene, the fivesome of For Closure are unquestionably seasoned musicians who have racked up countless days in hundreds of studios and venues, recording dozens of albums and touring across the country in their various projects.

However, For Closure itself is a relatively new venture for these veterans, launching in 2023 and affording them the opportunity to present themselves as a clean-sheet design, with fresh ideas and novel approaches to the music genres of power-pop and punk rock that they’ve been performing for decades.

The genesis of For Closure stems from the dissolution of the longtime San Fernando Valley-based band For Sale, which ran its course in the early 2020s, some thirty years from its inception. At the terminus of For Sale, vocalist Gizz Lazlo (former drummer for Dr. Know, U.K. Subs, The Freeze) and guitarist Luis Estefania (F.Y.P., Rhythm Collision, Buford) still had a stack of unrecorded material as the band’s primary songwriters, but no band with which to perform it all. Enter the creation of For Closure.

After connecting with producer/drummer Wal Rashidi (Jr. Juggernaut, Turning Violet, Sleep Pod Two) to lay the groundwork — and soon thereafter joining up with bassist Steve Wilenkin (Dead Man’s Life, I.D.K., Life in a Burn Clinic) and guitarist Marc Maxey (Sloth Fist, The Killing Flame, Justice League) — the group engaged in recording sessions at Studio in Redlands, California, yielding its first single releases (“Carousel,” “Moon at Noon,” “No Condition”), its most recent single (“Hazy Mourning”) and ultimately assembling its forthcoming yet-untitled, full-length album, to be released in 2024 via Mindpower Records.

And that was supposed to be the end of the story: a collection of recordings done, an album released and maybe one live show to prove For Closure existed.

However, freshly out of the studio and armed with the inspiration to hit the stage, the quintet began rehearsals and subsequently launched into a string of live dates in their Southern California region, playing venues throughout Los Angeles and San Diego counties. Soon thereafter, For Closure also hit traction on radio in early 2024, with its “Moon at Noon” single declared as the “Coolest Song in the World” by SiriusXM’s “Little Steven’s Underground Garage” radio show, which provided For Closure incredible exposure to audiences far outside its SoCal locale.

For Closure is now a full-fledged project and plans for more shows and songs are well in the works. While this highly experienced group holds enough musical credentials to fill reams of pages on its collective resume, the grand opening of For Closure has since commenced — and that offers a chance to write another chapter in the collective musical history of its members.