L.A. GUNS // Checkered Past // Album Review


L.A Guns are continuing their comeback with another brand new album. The writing abilities of the band show no signs of slowing down with this latest release which was written during the pandemic. Checkered Past is a perfect blend of the band’s classic sound with the hints of growth to make it something both new and old fans alike will fall in love with.

The first 3 tracks of the album bring the fast and heavier sound which many fans will recognise. With “Cannonball” throwing you straight into the action with its fast-paced riffs and catchy lyrics it’s a perfect opener. While “Bad Luck Charm” is still heavier it’s a little slower and showcases Tracii Guns epic talents with the solo.
As the album moves on, the band takes a bluesier sound with “Get Along” with the softer sounds of an acoustic guitar taking the lead. The ballads come into play with “If it’s Over Now” before we head back into a more aggressive sound. The album listened to in order takes you on a journey as it hits high energy to softer ballads and back again by the time you reach “Dogs”.
As you reach the back end of the album, “Let You Down” takes a darker turn both lyrically and musically. This is one of those tracks and grabs you and pulls you in as Phil Lewis’ voice washes over you in an entrancing way. Bringing a close to the album is “Physical Itch” which heralds those darker tones once more and leaves you wanting more.

It’s clear to see from the last few years that L.A Guns are letting the world know that they aren’t ready to hang their instruments up any time soon. Checkered Past may be the latest release but it’s arguably the best album the band have created so far and should they continue on this road, we may be in for a real treat with further releases.


L.A. GUNS Checkered Past – Is Out via frontiers Music s.r.l.Release: 12 November 2021


Review Emmie Ellis


Bad Luck Charm
Living Right Now
Get Along
If It’s Over Now
Better Than You
Knock Me Down
Let You Down
That Ain’t Why
Physical Itch

Total length: 0.44.48

Tracii Guns
Phil Lewis
Johnny Martin
Ace Von Johnson
Scot Coogan


L.A. GUNS // Checkered Past // Album Review
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