Chattanooga, TN based singer/songwriter/rapper Ky Rodgers has signed with InVogue Records. His debut EP “From My Mind” has also hit all digital outlets today featuring 6 new tracks.

The music video for the lead single titled “You Give Me Life” can be viewed at the InVogue Records youtube channel:

Ky mixes elements of hip hop, country, and alternative rock to create his own sound. The most important element to the music is Ky’s raw/honest lyrics & smooth / catchy delivery. Coming from many musical backgrounds have allowed Ky to appreciate all genres. The From My Mind EP was produced & recorded by Ky himself at his home studio. The EP was mastered by producer Nick Ingram (Hotel Books, Hawthorne Heights).

Early in Ky’s music career he suffered a near life ending accident while on tour. The accident was a setback leaving him unable to walk and perform for months. “God had to clip my wings to make me realize I needed HIM. I lost everything: my career, my source of income, my ability to walk, the girl I love, and even my daughter, all in a matter of weeks. Everything before was perfect. I became arrogant. I became selfish. I lost myself. I’m thankful God disciplined me and made me start over again. Because I found my roots, and most importantly, I found my faith again.” quoted by Ky.

With his debut EP he is looking to tour the world and set up the release of his full length album this Fall. The album will be produced by Nick Ingram.

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