Kublai Khan // Absolute // Album Review
Kublai Khan // Absolute // Album Review 8
Kublai Khan // Absolute // Album Review 8
Kublai Khan // Absolute // Album Review 8
Kublai Khan // Absolute // Album Review 8
Kublai Khan // Absolute // Album Review 8
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Kublai Khan are back on the scene with their new album titled ‘Absolute’ and their fourth to date.Since signing with Rise Records in 2017, this is the second full length album that Kublai Khan have released with the label.   And after touring with the likes of Chelsea Grin and Enterprise Earth last year, the band have had a busy summer touring the States on the run up to the new album release on the 4th October 2019.  But it doesn’t stop there as it seems a world tour that will head into November to promote the album is on the cards.

In true Kublai Khan style, the album gives the listener a little taste of what’s to come in the shortest track on the album ‘Armor of Goddamn’ before it dives straight into “Boomslang’ – a meaty track with heaps of dastardly guitar riffs backed up by vocalist Matt Honeycutt’s aggressive and rumbling growls.This theme carries on throughout the album with a fusion of tempos and nefarious tones. With Kublai Khan’s notorious passionate and expressive lyrics, each track is packed with a punch. Isaac Lamb’s pummelling drums are seamlessly echoed by a coarse and gritty guitar rhythm that bolsters each track together. What has also given an edge to the album is that the drum track was the last track to be laid down in the mix – a total change to the norm, but it’s paid off well.

Each track is as strong as the next with a plethora of pit-starting tunes. The album has been mastered to perfection and given that this is Metalcore at it’s finest, the sound is rich and unblemished.Even the monochrome images on the album artwork puts an emphasise on the title in red and gives focus to what the band have achieved despite the barriers they have come across on their journey. The result? Their ‘Absolute’ best.

Short, sharp and to the point, this album hits the spot, Absolute is out October 4th Via Pure Noise Records.




Armor of Goddamn
Us & Them
The Truest Love
Lower Level
Cloth Ears
High Hopes
Beneath a Crescent
Before It’s Too Late
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