Kryptos - Afterburner - Album Review
Kryptos - Afterburner - Album Review10
Kryptos - Afterburner - Album Review10
Kryptos - Afterburner - Album Review10
Kryptos - Afterburner - Album Review10
Kryptos - Afterburner - Album Review10
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Having been at the forefront of Indian Metal since 1998, Kryptos has been melting faces with their brand of Old School Death Metal which uses Thrash influences heavily at times to bring their music to the world.

Having been formed in Bangalore, India the band were the first ever Indian band to tour Europe, creating a increasing reputation for making high quality and energetic Metal as they performed supporting Death Angel, Testament and Iron Maiden whilst also performing at Wacken Open Air in 2013 before touring Europe with Sacred Reich and then a second performance at Waken in 2017.

The band released their first 3 albums that stayed mainly underground until the 2016 album Burn Up The Night was praised for capturing the sound of 80’s Metal and now in 2019 Kryptos bring us their 5thoffering looking to pick up where they left off and bring the true sound of the Old School to the modern masses.

Afterburner kicks into life with the album title track and immediately the sound of ’80s and early 90’s Metal hits your ear lobes and makes them tingle with excitement. The riffs are joyous and the pace is swift whilst the raspy vocal spits its lyrics across the microphone. The opening track really sets the tone as the white-hot guitar licks across the battering drums and the solos scythe through the sound.

This track really excites and now the expectation and excitement for the remaining 7 songs increase as ‘Cold Blood’ kicks in, continuing the incredible sound of a dual guitar attack providing a true sound from the past that many thought would be forgotten unless you dust off the old media, yet here it is in 2019, sounding powerful and simply brilliant.

If you hadn’t realised by now this album is just going to blow your mind for 40 minutes as the 20-year veterans produce Metal hit after Metal hit, the likes of which haven’t been put in a collection like this for many years.

Afterburner is nothing new, however, that is the beauty of it. It sounds like the glory years providing a window into the history of Metal whilst providing a sound that is very fresh in today’s market and should be essential listening to any Metal fan, old or new as the quality is outstanding and there is no way that this should be shackled to the underground. This is a real gem.

Ed Ford


Afterburner is released June 21st2019 via AFM Records


Track List

01 – Afterburner
02 – Cold Blood
03 – Dead Of Night
04 – Red Dawn
05 – On The Run
06 – The Crimson Queen
07 – Mach Speed Running
08 – Into The Wind


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