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The Brazilian legends of death metal are back!

With a career spanning 32+ years, Krisiun now releases their latest & 12th album “Mortem Solis”.

Featuring 11 cut-to-the-bone tracks that are some of the heaviest & furious within the band’s catalogue, “Mortem Solis” is one of Krisiun’s best albums to date.

Alex Camargo (bass/vocals), Max Kolesne (drums) and Moyses Kolesne (guitars) have been at the helm of Krisiun since its very beginning. Blood brothers creating a now cemented legacy within the death metal genre.

“Mortem Solis” is by far one of their most focused & finely tuned albums.

Bridging the technical sections with some of the most catchy riffs & punishing hooks in the band’s history.

Just by the opening notes, the band are creating something fanatic. Panic-inducing chords ring as the band comes in syncopated & bringing the thick and heavy tone Krisiun is known for.

Then quickly introduce frantically fast riffs that blend perfectly when the tempo drops down to a nice thrash-style verse section. Already you can tell the band has gone to a more simple way of thinking about songwriting. Straight to the point & unforgiving.

The follow-up “Serpent Messiah” keeps to a similar formula but what it does brilliantly is keep things simple & catchy. Krisiun might be one of the best death metal bands when it comes to technical chops but they don’t show off for the sake of it. The songwriting on this track is precise. The band have found a way to merge groove with technical riffing which is a rare occurrence.

The track also has a very tribal / Brazilian-influenced bridge section that sees the song out & I can see this being a huge song in the live setting!

As you reach the midpoint of the album tracks like “Tomb of the Nameless” yet again show you how great Krisiun are as musicians. A barrage from start to end, this track is a thumper.

Rhythmic chugging that suddenly changes into tremolo riffing & blast beats seamlessly without seeming jarring this track is a showcase of how it’s done!

The track that showcases the classic Krisiun sound is “As Angels Burn” & it’s a highlight on the album for me.

It’s rare when a band can write such a heavy & still-inspired song so late into an album. But “As Angels Burn” shows that Krisiun has a raw ungodly sound.

A mixture of their early influences like Morbid Angel & Slayer, this track is a true ripper as soon as you hit play!

The perfect crescendo to the album “Worm God” perfectly closes the album. Opening with a melodic yet brutal intro that builds up nicely before the band again switches gears to take you somewhere else just as brutal as the rest of the album.

This track has a great hint of black metal throughout which gives the album a nice little taste off all the band has to offer.

The track builds to an armageddon-like peak that is beautifully crafted to a perfect end.

At first i thought it would be hard for Krisiun to top their last effort “Scourge of the Enthroned” but within “Mortem Solis” is the most focused & driven Krisiun in a number of years & showcases a bands legacy & how far they have come & how far they are still willing to go!

Joseph Mitchell

Mortem Solis is out via Century Media on 29th July 2022

Krisiun Mortem Solis tracklisting:
1. Sworn Enemies
2. Serpent Messiah
3. Swords into Flesh
4. Necronomical
5. Tomb of the Nameless
6. Dawn Sun Carnage (Intro)
7. Temple of the Abattoir
8. War Blood Hammer
9. As Angels Burn
10. Worm God
Mortem Solis – which is Latin for “death of the sun” – will be available as limited edition digipak (with the exclusive bonus track “Death of the Sun), as digital album, as an LP on 180g and on vinyl in the following variants:
Black LP – Unlimited
Transparent Orange LP – Limited to 300x copies via CM Distro & Webshop Europe
Clear LP – Limited to 300x copies via EMP
Golden LP – Limited to 300x copies via Nuclear Blast
The pre-order Krisiun’s Mortem Solis, HERE.
On the live front, Krisiun have most recently announced a first tour across North American in support of “Mortem Solis” together with Revocation, Alluvial & Inoculation for September/October 2022. See all upcoming live-dates for Krisiun listed here:
Krisiun Tour Dates:
16.07.2022 Curitiba PR (Brazil) – Festival Crossroads
22.07.2022 Maringá PR (Brazil) – Tribo’s Bar
23.07.2022 Cascavel PR (Brazil) – Adega Nostra Vamos
07.08.2022 Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil) – Audio + Max & Iggor Cavalera – Return To The Roots
13.08.2022 Kortrijk (Belgium) – Alcatraz Festival /
16.08.2022 Poznan (Poland) – B17 + Cannibal Corpse
17.08.2022 Wroclaw (Poland) – A2 + Cannibal Corpse
19.08.2022 Saint-Nolff (France) – Motocultor Festival /
20.08.2022 Moravsky Kumlov (Czech Republic) – Rock Castle /
North American Tour with Revocation, Alluvial & Inoculation:
09.09.2022 Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace
10.09.2022 Montreal, QC – Les Foufounes Electriques
11.09.2022 Québec City, QC – La Source de la Martinière
13.09.2022 Brooklyn, NY – Elsewhere Brooklyn
14.09.2022 Cambridge, MA – Middle East Restaurant & Nightclub
15.09.2022 Mechanicsburg, PA – Lovedraft’s Brewing CO
16.09.2022 Baltimore, MD – The Metro Gallery
17.09.2022 Virginia Beach, VA – Elevation 27
18.09.2022 Greensboro, NC- The Blind Tiger
19.09.2022 Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade (Purgatory)
20.09.2022 Tampa, FL – Brass Mug
21.09.2022 West Palm Beach, FL – Respectable Street
23.09.2022 Austin, TX – Come And Take It Live
24.09.2022 Dallas, TX – Amplified Live
25.09.2022 El Paso, TX – Rockhouse Bar & Grill
27.09.2022 Mesa, AZ – Nile Theater
28.09.2022 San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick
29.09.2022 Los Angeles, CA – 1720
30.09.2022 Roseville, CA – Goldfield Trading Post
01.10.2022 Santa Cruz, CA – Santa Cruz Vets Hall
03.10.2022 Portland, OR – Dante’s
04.10.2022 Seattle, WA – El Corazon
06.10.2022 Salt Lake City, UT – Metro Music Hall
07.10.2022 Denver, CO – Bluebird Theater
08.10.2022 Lincoln, NE – The Royal Grove
09.10.2022 Sioux Falls, SD – Bigs Bar
11.10.2022 St. Paul, MN – Turf Club
12.10.2022 Chicago, IL – Reggie’s Rock Club
13.10.2022 Hamtramck, MI – The Sanctuary 2
14.10.2022 Cleveland, OH – No Class
15.10.2022 Rochester, NY – Montage Music Hall
16.10.2022 Pittsburgh, PA – Enclave
European Tour with Nile:
02.11.2022 Poznań (Poland) – U Bazyla
03.11.2022 Berlin (Germany) – ORWO Haus
04.11.2022 Bochum (Germany) – Matrix / End Of Days Fest
05.11.2022 Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) – Mass Deathtruction Fest
06.11.2022 London (UK) – The Garage
07.11.2022 Manchester (UK) – Rebellion
08.11.2022 Glasgow (UK) – Slay
09.11.2022 Belfast (N. Ireland) – Limelight 2
10.11.2022 Dublin (Ireland) – Button Factory
11.11.2022 Coventry (UK) – HMV Empire
12.11.2022 Lille (France) – Tyrant Fest
13.11.2022 Nantes (France) – Warehouse
14.11.2022 Paris (France) – Nouveau Casino
16.11.2022 Trier (Germany) – Mergener Hof
17.11.2022 Lyon (France) – CCO
18.11.2022 Marseille (France) – Jas Rod
19.11.2022 Tarbes (France) – La Gespe
21.11.2022 Pamplona (Spain) – Totem
22.11.2022 Madrid (Spain) – Cool Stage / Story Live
23.11.2022 Porto (Portugal) – Hard Club
24.11.2022 Lisbon (Portugal) – RCA Club
25.11.2022 Sevilla (Spain) – Custom
26.11.2022 Murcia (Spain) – Garaje
27.11.2022 Barcelona (Spain) – Boveda
29.11.2022 Luzern (Switzerland) – Schuur
30.11.2022 Milan (Italy) – Slaughter Club
01.12.2022 Rome (Italy) – Largo Venue
02.12.2022 San Dona di Piave (Italy) – Revolver
03.12.2022 Ljubljana (Slovenia) – Orto Bar
04.12.2022 Wien (Austria) – Szene
05.12.2022 Munich (Germany) – Backstage
07.12.2022 Zwolle (The Netherlands) – Hedon
08.12.2022 Rotterdam (The Netherlands) – Baroeg
09.12.2022 Helmond (The Netherlands) – Cacao Fabrik
10.12.2022 Bad Oeynhausen (Germany) – Druckerei
11.12.2022 Hamburg (Germany) – Gruenspan
KRISIUN is (From left to right; Photo by Maya Melchers) Alex Camargo (vocals, bass), Max Kolesne (drums) and Moyses Kolesne (guitars).
KRISIUN Discography:
Black Force Domain – 1995
Apocalyptic Revelation – 1998
Conquerors of Armageddon – 2000
Ageless Venomous – 2001
Works of Carnage – 2003
Bloodshed – 2004
AssassiNation – 2006
Southern Storm – 2008
The Great Execution – 2011
Forged in Fury – 2015
Scourge of the Enthroned – 2018
Mortem Solis – 2022
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