KOYO release new single ‘Ostracised’ the follow up to the critically acclaimed single ‘Circles’

KOYO return with a new upbeat and genre defying single giving another foretaste of their eagerly awaited second album slated for release in 2020, following the success of their critically acclaimed debut.

Listen here: KOYO – Ostracised

“We liked the idea of writing a song that manages to pull together both directions we’ve been going in, the wilder, more raucous side and the spacey, poppier side. It ended up being both one of the heaviest and catchiest songs we’ve ever written and kinda feels like our most “KOYO” song yet in that respect.

We’re influenced by a lot of the modern psych stuff that’s going on, bands like Tame Impala and UMO, and I had this sound in my head that was basically a darker, heavier take on that, but still with all the warmth from the synths and production – almost like a Deftones meets Tame Impala thing. I think Ostracised was the brain child of that idea, but it was Tom’s wild, Bonham-esque drum groove that kicked it off.

Lyrically, let it be an anthem for anyone who’s felt disconnected or cut off from something, someone, maybe society or socially. I think a lot of the time that anxiety can simply exist within someone’s own head, but then spreads like a virus. I think people often kind of “ostracise” themselves, just from thinking they are, and it becomes like a vicious circle. For me, the best way of dealing with that is simply communication, and not dwelling on those insecurities but pushing forward.”

Ostracised (Single) RELEASE DATE – 29th November

LABEL – 88 Watt Records DISTRIBUTOR – Cargo


Fans of Wolf Alice, Smashing Pumpkins and Tame Impala should get onto this band now. GIGSOUP


Written by KOYO
Produced by Mike Horner ((Everything Everything, Hot Chip, Yonaka, Franz Ferdinand, Placebo) & Tom Orrell Engineered by Tom Orrell
Mixed by Mike Horner
Huw Edwards – Vocals/Guitar
Jacob Price – Sampling/synths
Seb-Knee Wright – Guitars
Dan Comlay – Bass
Tom Higham – Drums


An explosive live phenomenon, their gritty take on

psychedelia has a character, an identity all of its own


If Radiohead were more given to music you can dance

to – having flirted with the Foo Fighters, and hung out

with the Kscope school of ‘nu-prog’ – it would’ve

sounded like this LOUDER SOUND


Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

https://www.koyoband.com https://en-gb.facebook.com/koyoband http://instagram.com/koyoband https://twitter.com/koyoband

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