Korn // The Nothing // Album Review

Over 40 million albums sold worldwide, 2 GRAMMYS, a ridiculous amount of Worldwide tours and a back catalog to rival any band, Korn have done it all yet they refuse to rest on their laurels.

Having taken Nu Metal by the balls in 1993 with their self-titled debut, the strength of a band is surviving the fall of a genre as frontman Jonathon Davis uses his lyrics as the outlet for his demons. Having drawn on his childhood abuse and subsequent mental health issues previously on tracks such as ‘Daddy’, this time the source of emotion is the loss of the frontman’s mother and then the death of his ex-wife some six months later.

The opening bagpipes on ’The End Begins’,  sent shivers down my spine as the memories of Korn of old kicked in, followed by the down-tuned twang of the bass and then the unmistakable vocal of the incredible frontman followed by the sound of crying and the word “Why” to the aggressive spitting vocal that open ‘Cold’ from the truly heavy days of Korn, you immediately know that this is a proper Korn album.

The aggression and emotion are matched by soaring anthemic choruses that only aid in the cathartic process that the bands music has provided for so many years whilst using the instantly recognizable sound of Korn, the music is as dark and twisted albeit more subtle than the likes of Korn and Life Is Peachy this feels musically more like Take A Look In The Mirror blended with deeper and more sinister sounds from the beginning of this incredible career.

‘The Darkness Is Revealing’ is a raw and extremely emotive track that gets more relatable with each listens, much as the entire album whilst ‘Can You Hear Me’ is a haunting and quite unnerving reality to many

Tackling these feelings head-on allows Davis to express his emotions fully, as you feel the anguish and the darkness, in a way that few can ever do but many can relate. On face value The Nothing sounds like a very good addition to the discography of the legendary band, however, when you sit and listen to the words, follow the flow of the guitars and feel the beat of the drum what you find is one of their darkest and disturbing offerings. Is it because it is easier to relate for the majority, maybe, but what it does is suddenly pull on your strings and unleashes feelings that may have been suppressed, whilst providing the perfect outlet, some aggressive and damn good music created by some of the best in the business. One thing’s for sure, I’m still a fuckin freak!!

Ed Ford


The Nothing Is Released Friday, Sept 13th On Roadrunner Records 

Track List

  1. The End Begins
    2. Cold
    3. You’ll Never Find Me
    4. The Darkness Is Revealing
    5. Idiosyncrasy
    6. The Seduction of Indulgence
    7. Finally Free
    8. Can You Hear Me
    9. The Ringmaster
    10. Gravity of Discomfort
    11. [email protected]
    12. This Loss
    13. Surrender to Failure

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THE NOTHING is available for pre-order [https://lnk.to/thenothingkorn] with exclusive bundles available at www.kornofficial.com.

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