Knut – Hummus Records Reissuing The Swiss Group Classic Debut “Leftovers” Completely Remastered On Vinyl

Knut – Hummus Records Reissuing The Swiss Group Classic Debut “Leftovers” Completely Remastered On Vinyl
Labelled as one of the most irreverent and exciting bands of the nineties, Swiss noise aggressors Knut will finally see the long-awaited release of their classic debut album “Leftovers”, completely remastered on vinyl for the very first time.

Remastered by Lad Agabekov from Nostromo, the vinyl version of“Leftovers” will be released on various vinyl variants via the equally inimitable Hummus Records (Coilguns, Rorcal, Impure Wilhelmina, etc…) Pre-orders are now available here.

Check out the remastered version of the song “Shine” and a brief interview with Knut at Idioteq at this location.

Geneva in early 1994 saw the coming together of four men with a rich diversity of musical backgrounds. Even so they were united in a love of sonic clamour and in league the foursome of vocalist Didier Severin, guitarist Philippe Hess, drummer Roderic Mounir and bassist Thierry van Osselt (who would leave and be replaced by Jeremy Tavernier by the time of the band’s third album) entangled and forged the most compelling essences of metal, hardcore, and raw noise aggression for an invasive proposition which was ravenously intense, physically unrefined and inescapably gripping. Several 7” releases were uncaged as the band took the D.I.Y route before forming their own label, Snuff Records, to release the attention bruising ‘Leftovers’  in 1997 to be followed a year later by its acclaimed successor ‘Bastardiser’.

Subsequent years have seen Knut release a trio of albums through prestigious Boston label HYDRA HEAD (Cave In, Botch, Coalesce, Keelhaul, Drowningman), and tour the world alone and alongside a host of renowned peers, their reputation and sound only increasing in acclaimed clamour yet ‘Leftovers’ still grips a momentous place in the band’s history and that of feral creativity. Self-produced and mixed by David Weber, the seven track invasion preys on weaknesses within the psyche; vehemence soaking the violence of its sonic howl as untamed menace and irritation hones the tempest of its metal bred corrosion. Primal grooves tunnel through the body like carnal vines as rhythms simultaneously abuse and invigorate while rapacious downtuned riffs gnaw ravenously at the senses and united they casts a Tartarean beauty which cannot be escaped.

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