KISSING CANDICE Unleashes “South Circle” video featuring Josh Balz (ex-Motionless in White)

Experimental Metal Band KISSING CANDICE Unleashes Blasphemous New Music Video For “South Circle” Featuring Josh Balz (ex-Motionless in White)

Experimental metal quintet KISSING CANDICE has released their latest single and blasphemous new music video for “South Circle”. The video features a guest appearance by Josh Balz (ex-Motionless in White, Space Zebra) and was directed by Tom Flynn (Lamb of God, Body Count) in an old converted Church, as the band worships at the dark altar.


“The main theme of South Circle is hypocrisy from people who don’t practice what they preach,” said Kissing Candice bassist Mike Grippo. “Questioning organized religion is something we have touched on before, but this time we wanted to do it in a more direct way, set to a huge song with a catchy anthemic chorus. We wanted the song to be simple yet powerful, both musically and lyrically. We went about this with distinguished crunchy guitar riffs and OF COURSE killer bass tone, South Circle draws influence from the massive sounding songs we grew up loving in the early 2000’s.”

He continued about the music video, “We knew we had to make it as huge as the song. We got super lucky when Josh Balz offered up some help with it. He loved the song and just so happens to own a Church. He invited us down to his church, where we had our frequent video collaborator Tom Flynn drive out to meet us. We cleared the pews out of the way and set up some pyro and just went nuts for hours while Tom worked his magic. Josh also wanted to be in the video, so he makes his acting debut as the preacher dealing with the battle which rages on in his mind.”

The new video also showcases the new visual look of KISSING CANDICE, which features masks designed by noted horror prosthetic makeup artist and director Tom Savini and special effects artist Jason Baker who created the masks used by frontman AUNT DONNA, along with Jeff Koncor who made the masks worn by the rest of the band. The new masks create a terrifying visual element that perfectly compliments the brutal attack of the song.

“South Circle” is the latest single from KISSING CANDICE’s forthcoming album “MANIFEST”. The album was produced by Zach Jones (Fever 333, Chelsea Grin) and will also include the previous singles “Tapeworm”, “Raise Her” and “Brand New Low” which featured Twiztid’s Jamie Madrox.

Recording took place in February 2020, as word of a virus spreading throughout China was first breaking. With no label behind them at the time, the band emptied their own pockets and also turned to fans with a perk-packed crowdfunding campaign.

Immediately after the recording process was complete, live music came to a halt, but KISSING CANDICE continued to work around the clock to roll out the new album throughout the pandemic to ensure the end product was something guaranteed to decimate the metal world. The entire recording process was captured by King Zabb and will be released in documentary form later this year.

Combining the grooves of early nu-metal and the pulsing electronics of industrial, with a modern aggression and edge, the New York-based band is a horrific force to be reckoned with.

Aunt Donna – Vocals
Dreamer – Guitar/Vocals
Grip – Bass
Pak-Man – Drums
Suffront – Guitar


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