KISS // End Of The Road World Tour // Live Review // Utilita Arena // Newcastle
KISS // End Of The Road World Tour // Utilita Arena // Newcastle
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… and so it was said that KISS are finally coming to the End of The Road… but boy did they go out with a bang (and fire, sparks, dry ice, smoke, ticker tape canons and more fire). Thinking back to school, teachers would often tell us that when you go to the theatre, you should suspend your disbelief, never were a set of truer words uttered when going to a Kiss show. The spectacle is simply spectacular.


Ok, back to reality for a second. For sure Paul Stanley’s voice is on the edge of toppling over and in places it did.. Gene Simmons struggled on the odd occasion with his vocals and without a shadow of a doubt Eric Singer is one hell of a vocalist. But to be fair if they are the only criticisms that can be hurled, then the rest of the show was a blast from start to finish (often literally). 


One thing that is for certain is that KISS attract some of the most loyal fans in the world who lap up every second of the show and continue to scream for more. In turn this means that the band deliver 100% tonight and despite the choreography there is just enough improvisation to keep you on your toes. Kiss produce the ultimate rock musical based solely around their huge back catalogue, and why the hell not.


The setlist takes us from the debut LP right through to possibly their most well known LP  “Crazy Nights” and many more in between. Whilst many would say their music is not the most inspiring, that really doesn’t matter. The band have developed a style that brings the party to the masses and a huge show along with it. There a no lone singer/songwriters performing with a minimalist backdrop and light show here. Instead we have elevating platforms for each performer (quite a spectacle during Eric Singer’s drum solo) , gymnastic slings that hurl Paul Stanley to the middle of the auditorium for a brilliant “I Was Made For Lovin’ You”, Gene Simmons’ “God of Thunder” complete with his trademark fake blood and fire-breathing and fireworks shooting from the end of Tommy Thayer’s guitar during an over the top guitar solo. Yes all the trademarks we have come to love and expect from a KISS show.


Overall it was a fantastic way to end an era (if this truly is the end of the road for the band) and one I will be  glad to say .. I was there….

Review & Photography: Mark Ellis

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