Kirk Windstein // Dream in Motion // Album Review
Kirk Windstein // Dream in Motion // Album Review9
Kirk Windstein // Dream in Motion // Album Review9
Kirk Windstein // Dream in Motion // Album Review9
Kirk Windstein // Dream in Motion // Album Review9
Kirk Windstein // Dream in Motion // Album Review9
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Let’s be honest, if you aren’t aware of Kirk Windstein, you need to have a look at yourself in the mirror and question what you have been doing with your life.

The Sludgelord himself has taken this opportunity away from Crowbar and before re-joining Down on their upcoming dates to record a solo album that shows more of the man himself as he expresses his emotions in the way he knows, with a slow-paced, low down masterclass of the sludge-based brilliance and has recorded vocals, guitars, and bass himself.

The riffs are as brilliant as anything created with Crowbar, Down or the Kingdom of Sorrow, however, the sound feels almost like Windstein is exposing his vulnerable side as this more stripped sound allows more emotion to be felt and the vocals are almost haunting at times, especially on tracks such as ‘Enemy In Disguise’ which is a solemn sounding song that connects with your soul.

This sound goes through the album, the music is written perfectly to provide a trudge through the inner thoughts and feelings of this genius and whilst it may not be ‘heavy’ as in Down or Crowbar, it feels more impactive and personal, which creates a very engaging sound which in some ways is heavier. The riffs genuinely grab you as you are hanging on every note and every possible beat whilst listening to these inner thoughts of a giant.

The pace and general sludge levels do reach more accustomed levels on tracks such as ‘Toxic’ as the full wonders of what this man and his sludge can create are on display for everyone to enjoy some more. The low riffs push Doom levels as the pace wavers between slow and slower as the full range of what Windstein can produce is laid out on display for our pleasure.

Dream In Motion is an album that is an honor to listen to and we should be grateful for Windstein compiling as it feels a very special and personable album, giving us a window into the more private sounds and thoughts of a man who has created some of the most recognizable riffs and sounds in the world of Metal.

This album is a must-own for fans of any of Windstein’s previous work and also will act as a gateway album to those who are unaware of the band work that Windstein has been part of. Whichever category you fall into, quite simply get this and enjoy this wonderous offering.

Ed Ford

Dream in Motion is released January 24th 2020 via eOne.

Track List

  1. Dream in Motion
  2. Hollow Dying Man
  3. Once Again
  4. Enemy In Disguise
  5. The World You Know
  6. Toxic
  7. The Healing
  8. Necropolis
  9. The Ugly Truth
  10. Aqualung (Jethro Tull Cover)



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