Listen Up Now,” taken from our forthcoming new album, Everett, was sparked by the first fight of a new relationship, made all the worse because it occurred in the morning.
By sundown, our lead singer Timon had completed the song.

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Our friend Glen Watkinson of Hamilton’s Sheepdog Studios, produced “Listen Up Now.” The first time we set up mics for this album, we started with this track. Recording with Glen is akin to him taking an old friend (the song) for a shave and a shower. The old friend is the song, not Glen.
This song questions what we really want, extending from one’s relationship to their job and music too. “Listen Up Now” was the seed which Everett grew from, capturing a sense of millennial dissatisfaction – a simultaneously listless and restless quality.
We look forward to sharing more songs from Everett with you.
Thank you for your time,
King Park


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