King King // When Rivers Meet // Live Review // Leeds Stylus


It’s the first night of the long-awaited King King tour in support of the release of their fifth studio album, Maverick, which was released last year. With 7 shows this month and a further 9 next year, they’re kicking things off here in Leeds tonight. 

Up first is the blues duo When Rivers Meet to get the night started. Grace and Aaron Bond have been building momentum over the last few years and it’s clear to see why. With the heavy bluestones and the incredible vocal harmonies, they bring back the grit of classic blues rock in a traditional way for a modern audience. Tonight the crowd are enjoying every moment of the set as they play tracks from their last album We Fly Free. We’re even treated to a sneak peek of the new album which is due to be released next month. The highlight of the night however is when Grace pulls out the three-string fiddle for “Innocence of Youth”. The classic sound along with Grace’s vocal tones really showcases the talent of this duo. With a further tour of their own, once they are finished on the road with King King, they are one to keep your eyes and a must-see live!

As the lights go down, “Highway to Hell” comes over the sound system and the band takes to the stage encouraging the crowd to sing along. Alan Nimmo takes centre stage in his customary kilt as he asks the crowd to go easy on them for the first night. Heading into “(She Don’t) Gimme No Lovin ”’ the band are starting things off in fine form. As the set goes on, the band only gets better as they play through a selection of tracks from the new album including “One World” and “Never Give In”. Along with the new tracks, they also play through familiar favourites such as “Waking Up” and “Coming Home (Rest Your Eyes)”. Nimmo keeps the crowd going throughout the night as he jokes around with them showing off his great sense of humour and the crowd here tonight give back as good as they get. It’s clear to see though that the whole band are enjoying being back on stage again as they send huge grins at one another and this comes out in the performance that they put on too. With the crowd singing and dancing along with many of the songs, it’s clear that they are enjoying every moment of the night too. However, it’s “Rush Hour” and “You Stopped The Rain” that has the crowd singing back to the band in full gusto creating a real moment in the night that’s wonderful to witness and be a part of. 

After the band has left the stage at the end of “I Will Not Fall”, the crowd gives chants of “we want more”, clearly not ready for the night to end. Alan and Stevie Nimmo and Johnny Duke take the stage once more and provide a truly stunning performance of “When Winter My Comes” as part of their encore. The rest of the band then joins the trio for “Stranger to Love” and “Let Love In” as King King gives us one last epic and sing-along performance for the night. 

King King band who are made to be on stage as they show in their performance tonight. From start to finish there is never a dull moment as when they’re not showing their talents then they’re creating a connection with the fans. While you can find fantastic frontmen from many bands, there’s something different about the way that not only Nimmo but the rest of the band turn a show into a truly memorable experience. If you’ve not got tickets to see these guys yet then there’s still plenty of shows to check this band out!


Review: Emmie Ellis

Photography: Mark Ellis




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