King Hobo - Mauga - Album Review
King Hobo - Mauga - Album Review 8
King Hobo - Mauga - Album Review 8
King Hobo - Mauga - Album Review 8
King Hobo - Mauga - Album Review 8
King Hobo - Mauga - Album Review 8
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King Hobo is what happens when the like-minded and those out of their minds come together. A band born of the love of the unappreciated, unacknowledged, and underrated King Hobo has a few things to say.

When Jean-Paul Gaster (Clutch) on drums, Per Wiberg (Kamchatka/Spiritual Beggars/Candlemass/ex-Opeth) on vocals, bass, and keys, and Thomas Andersson (Kamchatka) on vocals, guitars & percussion gather, people listen. King Hobo return with only their second album, due to geography, busy touring schedules and not enough hours in the day, they somehow persisted and created yet another intriguing album in the form of Mauga.

Mauga takes you on a sonic journey that you’ll not forget in a hurry; it’s a savage album that eats you up track by track. A bluesy, Rock, Funk and Grunge infused beauty that challenges you with each and every track. A sensory exploration, that keeps you on your toes and has you begging for more with hidden beauties and gems around every corner. It’s great to see artists express themselves is a free and ethereal way, you get the best from them when released into the wild (Of their minds) and Mauga showcases just that, a free reign on the songwriting that allows for a more creative take on the norm.

The album is the perfect balance of slamming numbers and melodic beauties that allow you time to decompress when needed, but not for long as the album wraps up with two monstrous tracks and a slick instrumental to mix it up.

A crazy beautiful album, Mauga is out now via Weathermaker.

Track List:

Hobo Ride

Dragon’s Tail

King Blues


How Come We’re Blind?

Listen Here

Move To The City

Twillight Harvest

New Or-sa-leans (digital release only)

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