KING CREATURE release new single ‘Desolation’ with fiery video.
‘Desolation’ may have already seen its live debut with King Creature out on tour with Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, but here comes the new track from King Creature.

A track that tops anything the band have previously released, ‘Desolation’ is the cumulation of hard work and dedication to their passion. Working with Mike Exeter (Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, the band have formed a well-rounded sound that is truly up there with the classic Rock and Roll that inspired the record. With a fiery undertone, the track crushes through choruses and leads onto some heavy riffs.
“Desolation is a very serious topic song that really reflects the current mood among people around the world. For a long time, post-apocalyptic landscapes have been imagined in art and films but now they are truly becoming a reality in areas around the world; if we are not careful the entire planet could face this vision.

Desolation is a dark song about the destruction of the world by fire all viewed through the eyes of the last man, who can’t bear to watch; hence the final moments of desolation are viewed through the closed eyes of a desperate dying man.” – King Creature

The band, fresh out of Cornwall, bring fire to their video with a huge step up in many ways. Releasing a track that will undoubtedly bring in some new followers, King Creature have been working hard since the release of their debut album, 2017’s ‘Volume One’ – since then the band have played with the likes of Therapy?, Megadeth, Hellyeah, Motörhead and more. Following on from the whirlwind of tour with Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons the band jet off to Europe to join Doro to further their live shows.
Listen to ‘Desolation’:
Catch the Creature live on their remaining dates:
01.11.2019    Rebellion, Manchester
02.11.2019    The Dome, London
03.11.2019    Epic Studios, Norwich
04.11.2019    Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
06.11.2019    Engine Rooms, Southampton
07.11.2019    KK’s Steel Mill, Wolverhampton
08.11.2019    Phoenix, Exeter
09.11.2019    Tramshed, Cardiff

The Creature will also be found in Europe with Doro following on from their time with Phil Campbell.

11.11.2019      Den Atelier, Luxembourgh
12.11.2019      Komplex, Zurich
15.11.2019      Milchwerk, Radolfzell
16.11.2019      Stadthalle, Reutlingen
17.11.2019      Maimarktclub , Mannheim
19.11.2019      Kulturwerft Gollan, Lübeck
20.11.2019      Pumpwerk. Wilhelmshaven
22.11.2019      Fabrik, Coesfeld
23.11.2019      Brückenforum, Bonn
24.11.2019      Luxor, Arnheim

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