Killing Joke’s Jaz Coleman fires up the taste buds and launches 2 Jerk pies & ‘The Joker’ Hot Sauce

Jaz Coleman
fires up the taste buds and launches
2 Jerk pies 
‘The Joker’ Hot Sauce 
on 30th October 
Maverick genius Jaz Coleman has never done things the normal way. Primarily known for menacing and rebel rousing as Killing Joke’s frontman, his flip side as a successful classical composer may not be as familiar– selling well into the millions for his works in the classical symphonic genres.  
However, creativity has no bounds and now in these challenging times Jaz proudly announces he has created not one but two makes of pie with Piecaramba!: ‘The Joker!’ jerk chicken pie and ‘The Harlequin!’ veggie pie. And if that is not enough Jaz is also launching ‘The Joker’ Hot Sauce.
Look here, the pie is the greatest comfort food ever created and has deep meaning at this time!  Thanks to Piecaramba we have taken the humble pie to another level. With the finest ingredients and a perfected recipe we have created a masterpiece. Paired with my special reserve hot sauce and mashed potato with grated cheddar cheese, butter, milk, english mustard and black pepper – it’s no wonder why you are all salivating right now!  Ha! Ha! Ha!”  chuckles Coleman 
The Jaz Coleman Jerk Pie was originally launched in New Zealand in July of this year, primarily as a feel-good story – a bit of fun during some darkened times. Little did anyone know the potential uplift until the bakery messaged with the line – “We’re going to need a bigger boat”.
Those living in the UK will now have their chance to try out this revamped enhanced recipe from the 30th October 2020.  Rich with jerk seasoning, spices, and Caribbean flavours wrapped in a gluten free pastry.
In collaboration with Piecaramba, The Joker Jerk Chicken pie and The Joker Jerk Vegetable pies will be available from the Winchester and Southampton Piecaramba restaurants, as well as the Fiddler’s Elbow Irish Pub in Brighton. From mid November also available to order online for delivery (UK and seasonal only).
Another of Jaz’s culinary preferences and the perfect accompaniment for his pies is hot sauce, so he has created the ‘The Joker’ Hot Sauce under the Honour The Fire brand
“Hot chilli sauce – now who the fuck would dare to challenge me on a hot sauce? Who has had the audacity to try and flog an inferior American brand on the market at the same time as mine and… we are doing concerts together next year! Ha ha!”  Coleman cackled. 
Made in collaboration with Brighton Hot Sauce, ‘The Joker’ Honour The Fire Hot Sauce was customised for Coleman’s tastes including pomegranate, red habaneros, ghost peppers, fennel and more. This exclusive chilli sauce is complex, deep in flavour with a creeping medium heat. The Joker hot sauce will be available on Jaz’s web store from October 30th– in time for Halloween. (Suitable for vegans) 
Master Sauce Series is available from 30th October at
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