Dynamic post-hardcore trio Kill The Blonde, once again, sends an undeniable message regarding the formation’s flashing potential to the music world with the melodic, yet assertive “Want Me Dead”, after the release of the band’s previous single – the uncompromisingly direct “If Only You Knew” ! A brutally honest, exceedingly relatable, and well-written, yet smart and inventive, presenting clever and empathetic lyrics, tight musicianship, and out-of-the-box writing, this track achieves a cohesive flow that unfolds as a dynamic story, packing both highs and lows throughout. “Want Me Dead” contains versatile and impactful vocals, alternating between mid and high-range croons to raw, power-packed screams and growls, depending on the needs of the moment, stellar guitar-work, which truly cover the spectrum of the track’s potential and elastic drums and intuitive synth elements, which tastefully reinforce the instrumentation, as the combination of the aforementioned aspects ultimately creates an atmospheric, solid, heavy overall sound, comprised by spectacular songwriting and solid execution.

Watch the video for “Want Me Dead” by clicking on the image below.
Discussing the further details regarding the release’s characteristics, Kill The Blonde collectively adds: “This is a song about feeling trapped and held back by anxiety and the feeling of not escaping your past, as well as the process of overcoming these emotions. The straightjacket and prison is a representation of the feelings of being stuck and the isolation you are in and the struggle that a person is experiencing to escape from it.

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