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Having already achieved a rapid and immense launch of a venture within the music scene, consisting of generating more than 100 000 collective streams in the span of only a few weeks, post-hardcore/metalcore formation Kill The Blonde launches video for the critically acclaimed “If You Only Knew” – a compelling single, which undoubtedly accurately embodies the strong and unique song-writing characteristics of this group in a powerful fashion. Providing a mature balance of melody and aggression that keeps the composition entertaining throughout the entirety of the track, without a single hint of drag, “If You Only Knew” presents the listeners with a solid interplay of horror-esqe, tantalizing harsh vocals and hook-filled catchy choruses, backed up by technically proficient instrumentals and sound prowess, as the overall result exhibits both energy and an eerie and haunting atmosphere, which only presents the ability of the members of Kill The Blonde to fully immerse their listeners in the experience that is being created by their talent.

Watch the video for “If You Only Knew” by clicking on the image below.
Explaining the essence and the meaning behind “If You Only Knew”Kill The Blonde comments: “This song is about a relationship gone sour, regardless of its nature. It’s about not feeling like you are welcome and left for dirt until karma comes around the person you needed the most and hits them back. We took inspiration from classic old horror movies and made it into a metaphor, as opposed to a typical song.”

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