Kiefer Sutherland // The Adelaides // Live Review // The Stylus // Leeds

There’s an air of excitement around Leeds tonight as a legend is in our midst. Famous for his acting in roles in classic films such as The Lost Boys and suspense TV dramas like  24, it is the one and only Kiefer Sutherland. The man of many talents is here to perform tonight but this is a musical show, bringing the best of his 2 country albums, Reckless and Me and Down In A Hole

Before the man himself takes to the stage, the crowd is warmed up with The Adelaides. This up and coming trio has been making waves recently hitting the B-List on BBC Radio 2. It’s clear to see why they have made these waves with clean and classic pop-country sounds blended with a little girl power. The crowd certainly seemed to be enjoying their set especially during the single “Good Love” as they joined in the small dance moves the girls showed on stage. With lots of catchy tunes and great harmonies, the girls got the crowd nicely warmed up for the main event tonight. 

The stage was set and a table took center stage with a warming lamp and a glass of whiskey. 2 guitars sitting either side gave a welcoming feel to the room. The excitement was gearing up and hit a high as the band took to the stage. There was one man missing though and that was the legend himself, Mr Kiefer Sutherland! As he entered the crowd gave him a warm welcome ready to take in everything he had to offer. Kicking things off with “Can’t Stay Away”, Sutherland brought a whole caseload of energy as he spun around the stage and ended with a huge leap off the drum riser. It was the start of what was to come which was great music, storytelling, and high energy. As the set moved along, Sutherland provided back story’s to his music as he talked about his days on the rodeo and his love for his horses with tracks such as “Reckless and Me”. As he played through a string of tracks from “Open Road” and “I’ll Do Anything”, Sutherland’s knack to tell a tale is really showcased and a reminder of the greats such as Johnny Cash who inspired him to pick up a guitar once more. 

While many roll their eyes at the idea of an actor trying their hand at a musical career, it’s safe to say when it comes to Kiefer Sutherland he does it justice. Through honest storytelling bringing his love for his family, friends, the rodeo lifestyle and of course the odd whiskey into a performance backed by toe-tapping classic country music, what’s not to enjoy. His crowd may be pulled in by the name but they are sure to leave with a love of his music.

Review: Emmie Ellis 

Photography: Mark Ellis 

Shoot The Groove Photography //


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