Meet Kevin Davy White: a Frenchman with an English-sounding name and an undeniable 1000-watt charisma. But more importantly, listen to Kevin Davy White. You’ll discover a virtuoso rock guitarist with Hendrix’s pyrotechnics, a classical player’s elegant touch and a bluesman’s ability to mine the depths of human emotion – plus the personality and songwriting skills to match. It’s all there in his brand new single ‘Honey’. Listen HERE.

The track was entirely written, played, recorded, mixed, produced and mastered by Kevin himself. Kevin immediately goes for broke within the opening moments of ‘Honey’, with a heavyweight blast of blues and the howling affirmation, “Honey give me back my money!” Quickly asserting a vocal that’s searing, soulful and smouldering, ‘Honey’ sees Kevin give plenty of hard rock fire, soulful sensitivity and a dose of vigorous, fluid funk for good measure.

Kevin says, “There’s not even an intro to ‘Honey’, it’s just straight in! Everyone categorises me as kind. And I am kind! But this was the first song where I was expressing myself: OK, I’m kind, but not that much. If you cross the line, you still have consequences. So that was part of that song. And the riff is old school blues.”

Raised in the suburbs of north ParisKevin fell under the spell of guitar greats such as Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan as a child. It set him on a course to dedicate his life to the pursuit of music, accepting that personal sacrifices and a little hardship were all par for the course. Undeterred, he relocated to the UK with a previous band when he was still a teenager. The other members gave up the ghost, so Kevin remained alone, initially sleeping on the streets using his guitar case as a make-shift bed – and things went from bad to worse when someone stole his suitcase on his first night. But he started busking to get his life back on track.

Step-by-step, his raw, raucous, rollickingly real talent started to be recognised. He appeared on the French edition of ‘The Voice’; made a big impact on The X Factor in the UK with stunning takes on songs by artists as varied as RihannaGeorge Michael and Led Zeppelin; released two EPs; and toured his maximum rock ’n ’soul show all round the world, from Europe to New Zealand via Asia. Stay tuned for what comes next.

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