Ketos are a Melodic Thrash Metal band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. A complex combination of dueling guitars, heavy riffs, blistering solos, pounding drums, heavy growling, and melodic vocals, Ketos combines the brutal and the melodic together to great effect.
The band name, which is a term for the ancient Greek mythological Kraken, represents their sound, which mixes old school thrash with new wave ideas to give a unique sound that is as refreshing as it is crushingly heavy. They have been likened to Testament, Killswitch Engage, early Trivium, and Arch Enemy. Having signed to Hostile Media in 2019, Ketos have released their first full-length album in April 2019. With a previous EP released in January 2017, their backlog is growing steadily with more to come in the future.
I caught up with the lads at Voodoo Belfast, who along with The Distortion Project hosted the album launch for First Strike along with friends Death Of A Salesman & Dead Label.

Check Out Their Latest Video For ‘Harmacist’ Taken From Their Debut Full-Length LP First Strike Out Now Via Hostile Media.

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