Northern Ireland Metal 2 The Masses finalists KETOS dropped their first full-length LP First Strike recently and tonight saw the guys celebrate in style with friends Death Of A Salesman and Irish heavy hitters Dead Label.

Ketos are on a high right now with making the 2019 final of M2TM and having their debut full-length LP drop within weeks of said final, the only way is up for this hefty Belfast quintet. Without trying to put them into a box, they represent the best of the Metal scene in N.Ireland right now, contemporary and flexible, a fusion of various styles but all well put together to create a cohesive and powerful statement of intent, none more so than their highly regarded debut LP First Strike that is turning heads far and wide.

Death Of A Salesman

Rightly so tonight see’s the lads in fine form among friends ready to par-tay! First up are local lads Death Of A Salesman with their signature animalistic performance. Heavy as fcuk they put on an intense performance that is worthy of a headliner. Surprisingly they announced tonight that they are calling it a day, “ Life gets in the way’ says vocalist Aidan Thompson. A surprise indeed; Tonight though they left nothing behind on stage, giving their all to their performance with blood, sweat, and tears and to top it all off Ketos Frontman Pete Renshaw drums up a circle of death on the floor which is appreciated by the band.

Dead Label

Shit just got real, Irish big hitters Dead Label announce their arrival at Voodoo Belfast with a bang, you know right away you ain’t in Kansas anymore. Slamming riffs that start and stop on a dime, brutal, savage vocals and a powerhouse display from the little lady behind the skins make for a seriously slick performance. The energy levels are unreal as each band member nails it on stage, passion, and commitment wrapped up in a behemoth package takes the breath away. The roars off approval from the crowd that greets the end of each song tells it’s own story, rewarded for their appreciation the Belfast crowd get treated to a new song never performed before ‘Dystopian Complex’ before DOAS singer Aidan joins the guys for their last song with a Wall Of Death as a seal of approval. What more could you ask for?


With two bitchin’ sets behind us, you could almost forget we’re here for a reason, KETOS! 8:45ish and the lights drop to Ketos pummeling the Voodoo faithful with a barrage of riffs and a cacophony of blistering notes from lead guitarist #Kheavy that just boggled the mind.

The whole band are on fine form as they bring First Strike to the live stage, speaking with the lads prior to their performance guitarist Dwayne says “We’ve been sitting on these songs for maybe 18 months now and are keen to get them out there so they can have a life of their own”. Now is the time, right here right now Voodoo is lapping it up, the intensity in the room is electric, and the guys are showcasing their evolution from their 1stEp through to the slick sounding yet brutal and technical tracks that fill First Strike which are executed with precision.

You can see by the Cheshire cat like grins on the lads what this means to them and what Ketos are all about. Live, loud and in your face, that 45-minute set sweating off their proverbial balls laying down a wall of distortion, guttural vocals and technical proficiency to take your breath away.

Out 26th April via Hostile Media!
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