Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band - The Traveller - Album Review
Provogue / Mascot Label Group9
Provogue / Mascot Label Group9
Provogue / Mascot Label Group9
Provogue / Mascot Label Group9
Provogue / Mascot Label Group9
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KWS returns with his latest offering in the form of a 10-track beauty to take the breath away. The Traveller sees a more mature and worldly KWS with songwriting that is easy on the ear and a delight to behold and of course not forgetting some pretty sexy six-string action that warms the heart.

The album kicks off with ‘Woman Like You’ a punchy track, highly addictive with a bitchin’ solo that announces the arrival of this album like a blow to the head. Immediately you can just imagine how these beauties will transfer to the live stage, ‘Long Time Running’ with its crescendo like chorus just gets the blood flowing and you can just imagine the intensity of it live, there’s a slight ‘Hazy Shade Of Winter’ vibe of this track which ain’t no bad thing as it’s yet another banging number that will be a long time fan favourite.

‘I Want You’ slows the pace down and allows you to catch your breath, with its gnarly groove laden backbone you can’t help but want to get up and bust a move, unadvisable if you dance like me but it is a sign of first-class songwriting. ‘Tailwind’ and ‘Gravity’ showcase the softer side of the album both with intriguing melodies that sweep you up and carry you along for the ride.

The great news is that you’re only halfway through a killer album that offers plenty more to come. Slamming bluesy riffs, highly engaging tracks with majestic solo work, engrossing melodic songs that showcase the transition of the KWS Band in all its glory.

Long gone are the days of the likes of Ledbetter Heights where a gnarly kid with a point to prove was laying down furious riffs and licks to announce his arrival to the scene, The Traveller represents a lifetime at the top with no point to prove. An album dripping in quality from start to finish it’s a modern day rock classic.


The Traveller is out now via Provogue / Mascot Label Group.


Track Listing:

1.Woman Like You
2.Long Time Running
3. I Want You
4. Tailwind
5. Gravity
6. We All Alright
7. Take It On Home
8. Mr. Soul
9. Better With Time
10. Turn To Stone


European Shows

Tickets available from:

29 Jun – Verti Music Hall, Berlin, GERMANY
30 Jun – Loket Castle, Loket CZECH REPUBLIC
01 Jul – RuhrCongress, Bochun, GERMANY
03 Jul – Stadtpark Open Air Bühne, Hamburg, GERMANY
05 Jul – Musiktheater REX, Bensheim, GERMANY
07 Jul – Chiari Blues Festival, Chiari, ITALY
09 Jul – Tollwood festival, München, GERMANY
10 Jul – Kaufleuten Klub, Zürich, SWITZERLAND
13 Jul – North Sea Jazz Festival, Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS
17 Jul – Boiler Shop, Newcastle, UK
18 Jul – Leadmill, Sheffield, UK
19 Jul – City Hall, Salisbury, UK
16 Aug – Keeling the Blues Alive Mediterranean, Barcelona SPAIN

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