Kehlvin – Swiss Post-Hardcore Quintet Reveal New Track “Electric Monks”

Kehlvin – Swiss Post-Hardcore Quintet Reveal New Track “Electric Monks” 
Swiss post-hardcore quintet KEHLVIN have just revealed a new track from their forthcoming third album “Holistic Dreams” , which is set for release on September 24th via Division Records.

Titled “Electric Monks”, this new track is now playing at Everything Is Noise, who commented “Electric Monks” advances in a staccato-esque, triplet feel heavy enough to move mountains as the intertwining guitars perform their own rhythms, evoking a callback sensation that points in the direction of the Holy Cancer EP from ’08. However, there is a twist of its own, updating Kehlvin‘s sound to the modern day, so the track is by no means a recursion of their past doings – quite the contrary. The agony-laden vocals resonating someone seemingly in the middle of some psychic fit add a touch of callousness to the atmosphere, as the song proceeds its own way to its grand culmination after few verses and reprisals, and it’s just as majestic as you could’ve expected.”

Listen to “Electric Monks” here.

Watch the music video directed by Charles Cavalier for leading single “The Impossibility Of Progress” here.

Having released two acclaimed full-length albums “The Mountain Daylight Time” and “The Orchard of Forking Paths”, one EP “Holy Cancer”, and two split-releases, and having shared the stage with the likes of BurstWill HavenMonoRed SparowesLightning BoltKnut, UnsaneCeleste and Junius, Kehlvin have been delivering a slow, progressive and metallic hardcore for the past two decades.

Mixed and mastered by Raphaël Bovey, this new effort features seven brand new songs showing a more mature band masterfully exploring the metallic hardcore of their early years without obliterating the tortured sludgy doom of their later releases. Pre-orders are now available at this location.

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