Keep Up // Win Some, Lose None // EP Review

Check Out The Video Premiere Here: 

Badass Punk-Rock trio Keep Up drop their latest offering Win Some, Lose None EP this coming Friday, October 30th, and are exclusively dropping their video for ‘Cigarette Lips’ here at Rock ’N’ Load. 

The EP may only be five tracks but it makes an immediate impact, their latest single & video ‘Cigarette Lips’ kicks open the doors to this blistering EP with an absolute banger of a track. Thrashing guitars all wrapped in a glorious melodic hook you are gripped from the off, coming in just under the 3-minute mark you’ll be left breathless and begging for more! A glorious introduction for anyone who has yet to discover Keep Up. 

‘Work Week’ takes off where ‘Cigarette Lips’ left off, hefty thrashing guitars and huge sing-along harmonizing vocals mean these guys carry a hefty sound, but with an easy on the ear approach to have all those beautiful young ladies swaying in the front row singing along to the lyrics. ‘Preachers Daughter’ showcases the guy’s lighter side and their sense of humor with a quirky and well-told story of forbidden love. ‘American Catastrophe’ takes us back to the slamming guitar work and pummeling bass and drums that have no doubt made Keep Up one to watch. 

‘Makes Me Sick’ brings this perfectly packaged EP to a close and once again hits the mark with its in your face intense riffs and beautifully delivered harmonies. You can’t help but be charmed by Keep Up, these guys are as good as anything you will find out there in today’s market, if you are a fan or your Emo, Punk-Rock and feel you have space in your heart from a badass trio, Keep Up are your guys. 

Beautifully produced, you get every thrash of these guitars, and exquisitely delivered vocals across these five first-class tracks, a band for sure to keep your eyes on, have talent in abundance and absolutely have their sound nailed, are gonna go far!

Win Some, Lose None Is Out Now.

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