Katalepsy // Terra Mortuus Est // Album Review
Katalepsy // Terra Mortuus Est // Album Review10
Katalepsy // Terra Mortuus Est // Album Review10
Katalepsy // Terra Mortuus Est // Album Review10
Katalepsy // Terra Mortuus Est // Album Review10
Katalepsy // Terra Mortuus Est // Album Review10
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The Russian Death Metal band are about to release their third album, so prepare yourself for some brutality of the finest order.

The band from Moscow were formed in 2003 and their first EPs Triumph of Evilution and Musick Brings Injuries were released in 2008 and these led to them being signed by Unique Leader records and the releases of 2013 Autopsychosis and the 2016 album Gravenous Hour now is the time for the band to push on an build on their solid reputation.

Opening up with ‘Closer Than Flesh’ the chugs begin almost immediately and the down-tuned guitars are dragging in the gutter whilst the growling, guttural vocal provides that added level of brutality, however, the band also display their more technical side at times, however it is clear from the opener where the album is going to lead, headfirst into a breezeblock.

The aggression and brutality just ooze naturally from the speakers and the inclusion of some Slamming tendencies just pushes this further into the far ends of the BDM spectrum, not that it needed it. 

It doesn’t take long before you start to stomp along with the music whilst also being melted by the solos that are included and help to push the sound further, this album is fucking hard and as we hit ‘Those Who Rot The Souls’ the intensity is pushed even further and there is the hint of beatdown thrown into the mix, just to fuck things up a little more.

The 11 tracks that have been created here span roughly 51 minutes and are some of the hardest hitting tracks that you may hear as Terra Mortuus Est isn’t here to make up the numbers, it is here to take casualties and it will take many along the way.

From start to finish this release is top drawer Brutal Death Metal and really has pushed Katalepsy to the forefront of the Brutal world. There have been some stunning releases so far in 2020 that are under the Brutal heading, however, this more than holds its own with the best and most established bands releases.

Terra Mortuus Est is going to take some topping when the Russians come to making the follow-up, however, this album will also not stop getting spun as it is that good.

Ed Ford


Terra Mortuus Est is released Friday, July 31st via Unique Leader.


Track List

  1. Closer than Flesh
  2. Night of Eden
  3. Those Who Rot The Souls
  4. The God Of Grave
  5. Terra Mortuus Est
  6. Kings Of The Underground
  7. Deep Down Madness
  8. No Rest No Peace
  9. From The Dark Past (They Come)
  10. Neonomicon III
  11. Land Of Million Crosses






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