Kataklysm // Unconquered // Album review
Kataklysm // Unconquered // Album review9
Kataklysm // Unconquered // Album review9
Kataklysm // Unconquered // Album review9
Kataklysm // Unconquered // Album review9
Kataklysm // Unconquered // Album review9
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For almost 30 years, the French-Canadian Melodic Death Metal band have been producing uncompromising and beautifully aggressive music and are now about to release their 14th studio album, an achievement in itself and a perfect example of how to create music that is relevant yet retaining the values of the band, so the question is does this new release continue to push the band forward.

As the intro march builds up the anticipation, you cannot help but that something special is coming, and when it lands you realize that this is going to be one hell of a ride. The brutality of the drums takes your head off as the down-tuned guitars begin to slash away and then that wonderfully gravelly vocal comes along to grate the skin from your struggling being. The riffs are like blunt and rusty meat hooks that are swung straight through your skin and catching your bones whilst the drums get quicker and more ferocious as they rattle hour very soul.

This incredible concoction continues to provide stunningly aggressive and dark music that just blows you away and makes you wonder how it can get any better, yet that exactly what happens, and this evolving beast of release morphs and attacks from so many different directions that you are not quite sure where the next assault is going go approach from. 

The 9 track album never lets up as the 38-minute onslaught takes no prisoners and will impress the most hardly of Death Metal fans as the stunning riffs just keep on coming and the drums are like being in the middle of a machine-gun firefight and you just try not to be wounded fatally by the incoming missiles. 

Unconquered yet again shows why Kataklysm has been at the forefront of all things Death Metal and will remain there for as long as they wish. The power, aggression, and quality is second to none and not only cements their legacy but also continues to push the bar even higher for all other bands. There is no doubt that any fans of Death Metal will be impressed by the sound created by the band and the album will be toward the top of many people’s albums of the year as Kataklysm unleashes a true monster of an album.


Ed Ford


Unconquered is unleashed Friday 25th September 2020 via Nuclear Blast Records.


Track list

1. The Killshot 4:30 

2. Cut Me Down 5:09 

3. Underneath The Scars 3:46 

4. Focused To Destroy You 3:11 

5. The Way Back Home 5:38 

6. Stitches 3:25 

7. Defiant 3:59 

8. Icarus Falling 3:58 

9. When It’s Over 4:24







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