Karobela // Karobela // EP Review
Karobela // Karobela // EP Review 7
Karobela // Karobela // EP Review 7
Karobela // Karobela // EP Review 7
Karobela // Karobela // EP Review 7
Karobela // Karobela // EP Review 7
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Coming out of the UK, new alt-rock band Karobela brings your standard rock and roll riffs and beats and combine them with their care-free and eccentric personality as a band.

Opening track “Candy” is easily the most accessible song on the EP with the most pop-rock sounding hooks and sparkly, crisp production. It’s upbeat and catchy with vocalist Lauren Diamond’s distinctive voice taking the center. Closing out the EP with an “unwrapped” version of the same song is a nice touch too, showing the other end of the band’s sound spectrum and emphasizing their versatility.

The singles “Skin and Bone” and “No Mercy” have gained attention prior to the EPs release and have been added to playlists from outlets such as ‘Planet Rock’ for their heavy, driving riffs and charismatic vocals.

“Good Luck Trying” takes a similar approach to the riff-based, straightforward rock song formula but with an overall dirtier feel – the crashing drums make this song have a more open and heavier sound that gives it a nice contrast to the rest of the EP.

Taking a different approach to the band’s sound comes the single “Liquor Heart” which has already gained success for its foot-stomping bass drum and catchy melody combination. This song’s chanted vocals were clearly written to sing along to and I can imagine how well this would go down in a live setting.

The band’s image mirrors their overall sound perfectly – from the tartan and leopard print clothing to the skull, whiskey tumbler, and playing cards depicted on the EP cover, everything about this EP screams late-night club rock and roll.

Karobela’s debut self-titled EP is available on all major streaming platforms on the 5th of June.


Review: Harry Bunker

Check out the videos –

‘No Mercy’ – https://youtu.be/5DXl6B9DzDU

Skin & Bone’ – https://youtu.be/ytCp-CF4Ddo

‘Liquor Heart’ – https://youtu.be/35pQxkmkT2s








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