Kadavereich // Radiance of Doom // EP Review


I may be turning 36 years old soon & have been listening to extreme metal since I was 14 years old but I still never stop getting excited when I find or learn about a new band.

So when my editor gave me a new band by the name of Kadavereich, and all the info i was given that they are a death metal band & on the great label Godz Ov War Productions i knew i was in for a treat as all the past releases from said record were top notch.

And damn, did Kadavereich deliver on an EP that not honestly took me by surprise but also can say is my favorite new band of 2021.

The band is pretty much shrouded in mystery, all the info i could find about the band was by a small info dump from the label itself. Featuring members of Grond, Act Of God, and Gwarloth, Godz Ov War. The album was recorded at Giereolith Studio & Rofocale Studio during April & Summer 2021. Mixing was handled at Angelrape Studios.

Now with only a tracklist of four songs & a run time of just over nineteen minutes “Radiance of Doom” is a whirlwind of chaos & destruction. At its basic core “Radiance of Doom” doesn’t fit within just one genre. Yes it fits under the death metal umbrella but Kadavereich have been able to throw multiple subgenres in a huge deep cauldron & create something blistering & ungodly.

Right from the first track “Invincible Sun Devourer” is a wall of noise, precision & violence. Merging the dark side of blackened death metal & even some parts of war metal with the gothenburg death metal mantle.

With thunderous drums & siren horns before the chainsaw buzzing guitars crash the track into its real opening. Followed by belly deep guttural voce delivery by Morkbeast that fit so well with the bands overall sonics.

Every instrument is firing hard throughout the track. Tremolo riffing throughout that stands out, fast passages then sudden breaks keep the track fresh & exciting. A real punishment on the senses.

The next track “Caldarium of Boiling Blood” sounds like its title.

This track is ferocious from start to finish, a barrage of blasting & hypnotic guitar riffing make this track one of the strongest on the EP. Also it features some cosmic guitar leads by guitarists Panzer & Bonecrushing Apocalypse.

The closing track “Dismal Radiance of Doom” has the most core blackened death metal sound but is able to create this huge cavernous sound that reverberates in the listeners ears sending over a wave of euphoria. The whole EP pummels you into the ground with its sonic assault.

I didn’t think this late into 2021 I could be more surprised to find a band who could create something so unique & visceral.

“Radiance of Doom” is a personal attack on the listener in the best way possible. If this is what the band can create just within an EP then hopefully their first full length will shoot them into the limelight.

If you are searching for something that will challenge you as a listener & want something so dark & depraved then Kadavereich is for you.

Radiance of Doom is out via  Godz Ov War Productions on 8th December 2021


01. Invincible Sun Devourer

02. Caldarium of Boiling Blood


04. Dismal Radiance of Doom


Morkbeast – Screams & Chants

Panzer – Guitar

Bonecrushing Apocalypse – Guitar

Daemorph – Bass

Kist – Drums


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