Justin Vernon approved Swedish born singer-songwriter KLARA has released the breathtaking visuals for new single ‘‘I Can’t Speak For You.

The track – recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios – boasts atmospheric yet sparsely cinematic production and follows hot on the heels of her track ‘These Woods (Human Made)’ which sound-tracked VOLVO television commercials in the UK And Australia. This led her to Number 1 in the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart.

Speaking on the video, KLARA said…“I was born and brought up in the south of Sweden, but when I was 10 we moved a little bit north of Stockholm to Darlana. It’s a beautiful place, lots of lakes and forests and we shot the video there.

We shot the video out on a snowy field and we were so lucky, because we had heavy snowfall the day before, so we were there for three days with this really beautiful sunny weather. 

We put a black, upright, beautiful piano in the field and we opened the top so you can see the inside of the piano. We had to use a tractor to bring it out there, because the snow was very deep” 

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