JuJu Rossi releases her latest video, “Jambalaya.”  The haunting video directed by, Justin Mayotte is now available on youtube and is set for national release this week.  The video was inspired by JuJu’s, Grandma,  she explains, “When it came to the video, I knew I wanted to it to be spooky. Growing up, my grandma, who was a ballet dancer, would put on a movie called ‘The Red Shoes’ which was about a dancer who was in a ballet about a cursed pair of shoes that made her dance until her death. I thought that the inspiration from that mixed with the spooky voodoo history of New Orleans would be a perfect storyline to make an original, creative video while still social distancing during these crazy times!.”

JuJu admits she didn’t see “Jambalaya” taking such a dark turn, in fact, she admits, “I brought the idea of “Jambalaya” into my co-write purely because I love Cajun food, but we quickly came up with the dark, romantic storyline.”  The song was written with Sherrie Austin and Will Rambeaux (“Hold On To Me,” “Wild One”) who have now written several songs with JuJu including her last single, “Kissing Strangers.”  Talking about the new single and the October release, JuJu said, “I’ve always loved horror films and loved the idea of ‘Jambalaya’ coming out leading up to Halloween.  I so look forward to Halloween every year, and this year, my release made it all the more special and spooky! “

About JuJu Rossi

New country artist, JuJu Rossi, is the all-American, hot mess girl next door! Colorful and earthy, confident and authentic, her personality jumps right out of her songs. With a mama from Arkansas and a father from New York, she’s a walking, talking contradiction of t-shirts and high heels, country and pop, grits and glamour.
With roots in the deep south, it was probably always her full-circle destiny to wind up in Nashville, TN. Her broad palette of formative influences covers everyone from the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac, to Linda Ronstadt and Shania Twain, to Bruce Springsteen and Eric Church. And don’t forget the dancing! Like every other young girl her age, she was completely caught up in the great Britney vs. Christina controversy of 1999, and danced around her bedroom for hours, hairbrush mic in hand. But after attending one year of college in the corn fields of Indiana, she got her parents’ blessing to chase her dream down South to Nashville, where she began writing, performing and recording.

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