“If you’ve recently been through a similar experience, then you’ll find a lot to relate to on this truly immersive work.”  V13

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Grief is a journey that can take many different paths; sometimes grief can drag us into a shadowy darkness we never knew existed within ourselves. It has no end, there is no period, there is no closed ending. It is an emotional course that can also bring beautiful creations to the surface, as New Jersey pop-punk band Three Cheers Too Late have discovered in today’s new single “Home Again”.

“Home Again” is the opening track off the upcoming second EP and is the beginning of a touching story. After losing his grandmother last November, vocalist Anthony Santiago’s inspiration comes from how his family is coping with the loss and now learning to live without her. Featuring their signature quick, raucous guitars, this particular track narrates learning a house is really only a home when you have the people you love waiting there for you. When they leave, a piece of your heart and home leaves too.

“The song gets its name from my grief, and because the house we live in now can never be like the home we used to love since your loved one is gone.” – Anthony Santiago


Three Cheers Too Late is a four-piece pop-punk band who released their 2019 debut EP Don’t Expect Me, featuring skate-punk single “Kicked In”, via Alternative Press. The single built a foundation to help the band land shows alongside pop-punk genre champions such as Carousel KingsSundressedStickup Kid, and We Were Sharks. Recorded with Jet Jaguar vocalist Pete Zen, the band’s upcoming EP is a display of courage in a hard year.

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