Jordan Rudess - Wired For Madness - Album Review
Jordan Rudess - Wired For Madness - Album Review8
Jordan Rudess - Wired For Madness - Album Review8
Jordan Rudess - Wired For Madness - Album Review8
Jordan Rudess - Wired For Madness - Album Review8
Jordan Rudess - Wired For Madness - Album Review8.1
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The incredible keyboard player from Dream Theater is using his solo album to explore and express some of the more personal aspects of music making and with it comes a vast array of styles, sounds, and arrangements in what is being called Wired For Madness. Looking at the track list alone will suggest that this is no run of the mill release as the first track is split into 3 and then track 2 is split 7 ways as the keyboardist’s wonderful imagination flows and just lets everything run free.

Having been a full-time member of Dream Theater since 1999’s Metropolis Pt2: Scenes From MemoryRudess has also released a number of solo projects utilizing his key tingling wizard-like skills to create some obscure and wild sounds that work together as no one could ever imagine. Rudess has also created an App development company which has developed award-winning apps. Maybe here shows the true genius of the man, as the world of technology and music collide, it creates something Wired For Madness.

The opening track (part one of the opening track) opens with an elaborate and technological sounding theatre narration before the music kicks in and immediately we are met with unusual beats, sounds, and notes as they all merge together to create a fusion combining elements of Progressive Rock, Musical Drama, Electronica and anything else that is on the musical spectrum. The end of this opener has a very Pink Floyd feel to it before ‘Wired For Madness – Part 2’ takes us on a whistle-stop tour of music, encompassing as many genres and tones as possible and then ‘Off The Ground’ opens with a beautiful piano piece and again has the ‘Floyd feeling’ to it, as it captures the mid and takes it off for a wander.

Featuring guests including Marco Minnemann on drums, guitarists Vinnie Moore, Gutherie Govan, John Petrucci and Blues master Joe Bonamassa and vocals feature bandmate James LaBrie from Dream Theater, although Rudess does the majority of vocal himself, this release truly is the result of letting everything go and allowing all the influences and inspiration that Rudess has soaked up through his years of a student of music to create something unique and something very special.

The 8 tracks span over an hour and each track has its own life in many ways as it grabs you by the hand and leads you along with the bizarre and brilliant working of this genius and the album certainly is full of surprise and wonder, creating an ever-fresh listening experience.

Ed Ford


Wired For Madness was released April 19th2019 via Mascot Label Group


Track List

  1. Wired For Madness – Part 1
    2. Wired For Madness – Part 2
    3. Off The Ground
    4. Drop Twist
    5. Perpetual Shine
    6. Just Can’t Win
    7. Just For Today
    8. Why I Dream


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