March 28 – 29
12 p.m. EDT
All ages, bring your own snacks, infinite in/out privileges, and no one’s going to fight to take your front row spot. We’re all at barricade this weekend.
Tickets here:
Tomorrow, Saturday, March 28th and Sunday, March 29th, Doomed Fest will host over 30 artists for a two-day online festival. Tickets are a $10 minimum donation, but you’ll be contacted after the show to donate more if you so choose! All proceeds will go directly to the artists involved and touring crew affected by the current quarantine conditions.

After the Center for Disease Control officially recommended events larger than 50 people be canceled due to the rapidly spreading Coronavirus, the music industry came to a screeching halt. Doomed Festhas been created with our health in mind, to bring online concerts, live interviews, photographer showcases, and much more to music fans worldwide. Doomed Fest‘s ultimate goal is to bring revenue back to both artists and their teams through ticket sales, music and merch sales, donations, extra VIP offerings, and more. All proceeds will go directly to performing bands or crew and industry members to help them keep the lights on during this stressful moment in time.

The first Doomed Fest lineup includes Anastasia Elliot, Bre-L, Certainty, Cheer Up Club, Corbin Giroux, Cowgirls, Erin Kirby, Geena Fontanella, Ghozt Kat, Havelin, Heavy Hearts, Holander, Incase We Crash, James Barrett, Jessame, John Foley, John Courage, Joshua & The Holy Rollers, Kaptur, Katrina Cain, The Lunchtime Band, Natalia Soul, Nightwell, Pony, Pretty Matty, The Revelries, Rivita, Rome Hero Foxes, Sweettalker, Talker, Valdii, Safe Bet, Two Front Teeth, WD-HAN, Whitehall, Words Like Wildfire, The Young Fables, and Zorila.

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