JOHN FLOREANI releases new single ‘Before The Devil Knows I’m Dead’ from the album ‘sin’ – out June 7th on Hopeless Records

John Floreani, widely known as the honest and unabashed front man of Trophy Eyes, has released a new single, ‘Before The Devil Knows I’m Dead’, from his debut full length solo album, sin, released June 7, 2019 via Hopeless Records.

On the heartbreaking and honest track, Floreani shares “My partner is Catholic. Her faith is very important to her. I’ve never felt deserving of someone so pure and so good, and so I wonder if it ever concerns her that she would spend her afterlife alone. Because where she’s going; they don’t let folk like me inside.”

JOHN FLOREANI – ‘Before The Devil Knows I’m Dead’

The track joins previously released singles “Echoes” and “Oh Brother” as a preview of what’s to come in from the 8-track album. The highly anticipated follow up to Floreani’s previously released EP Terrace (2014) shows the unabashed frontman of Trophy Eyes embracing musical influences ranging from indie pop/alt rock to folk/Americana.

It’s a lyrical deep dive into heartache, addiction and self-loathing, stylistically portrayed as Johnny Cash dipped in Neon. Recorded and mixed by Shane Edwards (Trophy Eyes, Hans Zimmer), sin is the pursuit of happiness and all that is good, built on a foundation of vice and evil-doing.

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