John Fairhurst - The Divided Kingdom - Album Review
John Fairhurst - The Divided Kingdom - Album Review8
John Fairhurst - The Divided Kingdom - Album Review8
John Fairhurst - The Divided Kingdom - Album Review8
John Fairhurst - The Divided Kingdom - Album Review8
John Fairhurst - The Divided Kingdom - Album Review8
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John Fairhurst returns with his latest grueling offering The Divided Kingdom and as ever is a dark twisted take on societies downfall, as seen through the eyes of this majestic storyteller.

Kicking off in earnest with the albums self-titled track you immediately know you have stepped into an other-worldly recording, no cookie cutter feel good Rock ‘N’ Roll here, instead its fire and brimstone from the off with Fairhursts powerful and evocative song-writing that feels like the walls are coming down onto of you. There is almost a cinematic quality to the recordings that would’nt be out of place as the soundtrack to the likes of ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’.

If you were unfamiliar with the likes of Fairhurst it could be a challenging album for the virgin listener, but if you like your humor dark, twisted and a little left field he may well be for you. You’re not going to find too many radio friendly tracks here unless you wanna give the kids out there nightmares, but what you do get for your money is truly evocative, passionate and personal song writing that screams angst, dismay and a healthy fuck you attitude to the establishment that means he does it his own way, The Divided Kingdom is a statement indeed, of the brotherhood between Fairhurst and partner in crime Toby Murray laid out for all to see across eight gnarly tracks.


The Divided Kingdom is available now.


“The Divided Kingdom” track listing will be as follows:

  1. The Divided Kingdom
  2. Blood & Fire
  3. Hungry Blues (Slight Return)
  4. Lies and a .45
  5. Fear
  6. Boss Man
  7. Going To See My Baby
  8. We Dance the Merry Dance

The duo are a stunning live act, and announce “The Divided Kingdom Tour” in April 2019. Full tour dates as follows:

Thurs 11th April 2019                                    The Eagle Inn, Salford, Manchester

Fri 12th April                                                The Old Courts, Wigan

Sat 13th April                                                The Globe, Glossop

Sun 14th April                                                The Flying Circus, Newark

Wed 17th April                                                Monarch, Camden, London

Thurs 18th April                                    Con Club, Lewes

Fri 19th April                                                Madding Crowd, Bournemouth

Sat 20th April                                                The Moon, Cardiff

Sun 21st April                                                The Purple Turtle, Reading

Wed 24th April                                                Patchwork Studios, Millbrook

Thurs 25th April                                    The Watering Hole, Perranporth

Fri 26th April                                                Old Market Assembly, Bristol

Sat 27th April                                                King Arthurs, Glastonbury


For info on all dates HERE

A live studio version of “Hungry Blues” is available to see here

“The Divided Kingdom” was released on 12th April 2019.


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