John Diva & The Rockets of Love // American​ Amadeus // Album Review




John Diva & The Rockets of Love ​are back with the follow up to their debut album which was released in 2019. Having seen great success with ​Mama said Rock Is Dead, ​the band have used this to push their sound to the next level. American​ Amadeus ​takes the bands growth while still honouring those who inspired them with a sound which would not be out of place in the late 80s and early 90s. Influences from ​Van Halen, Mötley Crüe ​and ​Def Le​ppard can clearly be heard throughout taking you back to the golden age of Glam with a sprinkling of AOR.

The title track and first single perfectly showcase the band’s sound with its catchy chorus and bridges. From the guitars to the classical music thrown in the middle it is a perfect starting place. The Glam sound is captured through “Soldier of Love” and “Weekend For A Lifetime” and have an unmistakable familiar feeling from the opening chords. This theme continues throughout with their second single “Drip Drip Baby” having a sound which meets that familiarity and would not feel out of place on an ​Extreme​ album. For something more melodic however you don’t have to go any further than “Movin’ Back To Paradise” which is gentle and uplifting. The closing track “2 Hearts” is a soft ballad which brings the album full circle showcasing every style of song from the fast and the flashy to the soft and heartfelt.

If you’re seeking something new that honours the past then ​American Amadeus ​is the perfect fit. From the strong guitar riffs and keyboards to the catchy choruses there is everything to love about this album and songs will no doubt be stuck in your head for days.

JOHN DIVA & The Rockets Of Love – American Amadeus –

Release date:     January 15th, 2021
Format:              – CD Digipak incl. poster
– 2LP + bonus tracks, Gatefold, 140g black vinyl, printed inner sleeves



01. Voodoo, Sex & Vampires 3:57
02. American Amadeus 4:00
03. Soldier Of Love 4:04
04. Bling Bling Marilyn 3:49
05. Champagne On Mars 2:52
06. Weekend For A Lifetime 3:47
07. Karmageddon 4:54
08. Wasted (In Babylon) 4:03
09. Movin‘ Back To Paradise 3:58
10. Drip Drip Baby 3:51
11. This Is Rock’n’Roll 3:27
12. 2 Hearts 3:55

Vinyl Bonus Tracks:
13. Star Of Rock 3:35 (bonus track)
14. Blonde! Black! Red! Brunette! 3:43 (bonus track)
15. American Amadeus (Orchester Version) 3:53 (bonus track)

John Diva – vocals
Snake Rocket – guitars
J.J. Love – guitars
Remmie Martin – bass
Lee Stingray jr. – drums

Live 2021:
05.03. DE-Bremen – Aladin
06.03. DE-Solingen – Cobra
07.03. DE-Berlin – Galaxy
12.03. DE-Fulda – Kreuz
13.03. DE-Munich – Strom
14.03. DE-Cologne – Kantine
18.03. DE-Kiel – Orange Club
19.03. DE-Hamburg – Grünspan
24.03. DE-Aschaffenburg – Colos-Saal
25.03. DE-Stuttgart – Universum
26.03. CH-Davos – Montanasaal
27.03. CH-Davos – Parsennhütte
09.04. DE-Bensheim – Rex
10.04. DE-Leipzig – Naumann
16.04. DE-Koblenz – Cafe Hahn
17.04. DE-Bochum – Zeche
23.04. DE-Isernhagen – Blues Garage
24.04. DE-Osnabrück – Rosenhof /


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