JoeyDiabolic Releases New Riff-fuelled Single ‘Morphine Dreams’

JoeyDiabolic Releases New Riff-fuelled Single ‘Morphine Dreams’

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Multimedia artist JoeyDiabolic has unveiled ‘Morphine Dreams’. The new single, taken from the latest album Just Drive, delivers an offering of rockin’ riffs and vintage vibes. Its heavy driving rhythms and catchy choruses make for the perfect road trip accompaniment, with a touch flair injected by piano runs and retro organ tones.

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More on Just Drive:
During his cross-country drive from Newburgh, NY to Los Angeles, CA, Diabolic was inspired by experiences during his travels and decided to shake things up – wanted to divulge a musical side of himself usually kept private.

When asked to discuss a bit more about Just Drive, Diabolic had this to say:

“Before I left Newburgh, I finished the Through Soundwaves EPs and Boxset. I’d also been working on the follow-up At The Core of Darkness. ATCOD is a very dark, emotionally-heavy release and I wasn’t quite ready to dive back into that headspace… I ultimately decided to put that on hold.

Being in the car for 9 days and driving over 4,000 miles gives you a lot of time to reflect. Ponder creative ideas and life choices, daydream of possibilities that might lie ahead… and it got me thinking about new music. The idea that I could write a ‘happier’ album or more accessible music was somethin’ I always resisted in the past… and for whatever reason began to feel that it was finally the right time to explore that further.

I placed rules on myself on what sort of music it’d have to be based around and to exclude anything related to my more industrial metal sound. It had to be an album that still sounded like me…. just focused more on vibes, more of a stripped-down sound and most importantly… evolve as a songwriter.

So yeah, I definitely absorbed music and sounds I heard along the way, but also had a steady diet of Morphine, The Police, America, Tom Waits and The Doors amongst others. It’s a cool detour in my discography and I’m interested in how it’ll be accepted”

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About JoeyDiabolic:
JoeyDiabolic has been serving up post-goth since 2019. Merging his talents as a producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, engineer and multimedia artist, JoeyDiabolic creates a truly unique sonic landscape. His intriguing compositional works infuse rock, goth, 80’s horror, metal, synth wave and post-hardcore into an unexpected cinematic tapestry of sound. On Devil’s Night, JoeyDiabolic relocated to Los Angeles, CA, to conclude production on the mute and Se7en EP’s (2022), along with the left turn known as the forthcoming Just Drive album (2023). Plans for future, more collaborative, releases are in the works, due for release in 2025/6.

Release Information: 
Just Drive will be available on all major streaming platforms, as digital download and on CD, and CD merch bundle.

Just Drive written, performed and produced by Joey Diabolic.


Just Drive Track Listing:
01. Calm The Mind (Silence)
02. Big Empty Home
03. A Gentle Wind
04. Go As You Are
05. Mellow Vibes
06. Day of Rest (Scarlett)
07. Westward
08. Breathless Mahoney
09. Sultry Eyes
10. Morphine Dreams
11. Jazzmin
12. Lost In You
13. I Want Your Sext
14. Just Drive (Sunset Skies)
15. Ambience in the Stars