Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius release their video & single HYSTERIA for international audiences.
HYSTERIA is a “Queen-esque” cover of the Muse hit. Deninzon chooses his covers carefully. “Being a fan of Muse, the song spoke to him. “We would perform it on our live shows over the past few years, and I felt it suited us and fit in with our set next to our originals. I wanted to record a version similar to the original, but the band refused, saying why re-create something that was so perfect to begin with? They forced me to re-imagine the song entirely.”
“I was having a very good day vocally and channeled my inner Matt Bellamy, hitting the E’s! Rocking my “Viper” electric violin through a whammy pedal and an Earthquake Arpenoid in the solo. We pulled out all the stops! The operatic intro is my tip of the hat to Queen, who obviously influenced the music of MUSE. Two of my all-time favorite bands! This was the first time we had an operatic Soprano (Melanie Mitrano) on a Stratospheerius recording.”

A video for HYSTERIA can be seen online at:

Recently passing the 150 mark of radio stations playing the band’s latest album, GUILTY OF INNOCENCE, the album is now finding support in Europe and is being played a number of times by iconic radio hosts.
“Real proof that the fiddle rocks & the vocals shine…Cracking album, so get your rocks off and PLAY LOUD!

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius are signed to Melodic Revolution Records, one of the leading progressive rock labels in North America. Melodic Revolution Records’ slogan is “Music Is Our Voice.” The group was the buzz band at this year’s ProgStock, and have signed on for the main stage at next year’s Fest.

GUILTY OF INNOCENCE is Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius’ fifth album. The 10-track prog rock album is available on vinyl, CD, and digital formats and features special appearances by Alex Skolnick (Testament), Rave Tesar (Renaissance) and Randy McStine (The Fringe). The band is led by founding member, electric violinist & vocalist Joe Deninzon. Joe has been called the “Jimi Hendrix of the electric violin.” Playing are guitarist Aurelien Budynek (Cindy Blackman, Vernon Reid), bassist Jamie Bishop (The Syn, Francis Dunnery), and drummer Lucianna Padmore, praised by Modern Drummer Magazine for her “Deep grooves and serious fusion chops.”
As a renowned violinist, Joe has recorded/performed with Bruce Springsteen, Sheryl Crow, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Peter Criss, Jazz at Lincoln Center, NYC Ballet (electric violin soloist), Les Paul. He is the author of the alternative violin Bible: “Plugging In: A Guide to Gear and Technique for the 21st Century String Player” through Mel Bay. Joe premiered his “Dream Diary: Concerto for Seven-String Electric Violin and Orchestra” with the Muncie Symphony, and renowned violinist Rachel Barton Pine commissioned Joe’s “The Electric Lake of Soul.” He is a 14-time BMI Jazz Composer’s grant recipient and winner of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

ProgStock and Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius- Confirmed for 2019

Right after ProgStock 2018, Melodic Revolution Records Recording Artist Joe Deninzon and Stratospheerius have been confirmed to play at ProgStock 2019.
Joe and his band are still pinching themselves over the outstanding time they had at ProgStock. Posting on Facebook, Joe wrote, “I am over the moon,” and proceeded to exclaim about trading riffs with Fernando Perdomo and In Continuum with David Kerzner at the New Jersey, USA-based, and Northeast’s only, Progressive Rock Festival.
Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius played a special late night party that was attended by fans and performers including Saga’s Michael Sadler and Enchant’s Ted Leonard, who also sings on Spock’s Beard’s new album, NOISE FLOOR, which Joe listened to as he drove to ProgStock!
Proglodytes’ Thomas Hatton writes about Joe, “you really need to check this guy out. First of all, the guy has a custom 7 string, fretted violin. He plays spirited, fun music at breakneck speeds. Seeing him play was like eating candy- every time he played a solo, I couldn’t help but smile and cheer. He played a cover of muse’s ‘Hysteria’ that almost bordered on ska. He had an intimidatingly talented backup band as well. In a room full of a lot of musicians, it’s hard to impress, and I can confirm that everyone was blown away. His concert was a blast- one of the most impressive and fun events all weekend.”

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