JOANovARC // Revival Black // VEGA // Live Review // Nightrain – Bradford

It may be bonfire night but something else is happening in Bradford tonight that’s much warmer – the Vega tour is rolling through Nightrain tonight. As the 6th night of the tour, the band has already been making plenty of noise on their travels and I expect tonight to be no different! 

Kicking off first is JOANovARC who have been building quite the buzz around them and after seeing their performance tonight, ita clear to see why. With frontwoman Hazel Jade Rogers commanding the stage and grabbing your attention, she has no plan to let you go. Even from the first track “Live Rock N Roll” she tries to get the crowd involved with some callbacks. The rest of the girls back up Rodgers energy as they provide a killer performance and are just as interactive with the audience. Ever the professionals, that even when the strap on her bass broke, Kiera Kenworthy kept going sat on the floor till the end of the track. This a band who thrives from crowd interaction and are incredible performers.

Up next is NWOCR favourites, Revival Black. The last time I saw these guys play was pre-pandemic times in this very venue and it seems time has only made these guys better. Their performance tonight is well and truly on fire as they take over the venue playing tracks from their debut album including the stunning “Midnight Oil”. The band even gives the crowd a treat with a performance of “Believe” from their upcoming second album. Going by this track alone, it sounds like it’s going to be one of those albums you don’t want to miss and the performance of “Burn” backs this up. Right from the get go, these guys put their all into the show they provide and are just as good live if not better than they are on record. The stage is definitely where this band belongs as they use every inch of it tonight and the crowd here is loving every second of their set!

It’s time for tonight’s headliners now though with Vega taking to the stage. As the lights go down, the drum kit glows red from its own LEDs as small spotlights circle the stage. The band enters as the crowd cheers ready and eager to hear them perform. Heading into “Blind” first before getting the crowd clapping along with “Worth Dying First”, you can instantly tell it’s going to be one hell of a show. With a set list covering their entire back catalogue of albums including “Beautiful Lie” from their latest album to “Kiss of Life” from their first album. The tracks tonight do however lead more to their latest album Anarchy and Unity which was released earlier this year as they also perform “Bring the Riot” and “Live for Me”. It’s also the first night of the tour that the band have included “Explode” into the set however it fits perfectly into the fast paced performance that the guys have created. For every single track however you can see the band pour everything they have into each performance. We always mention the energy of a band but I don’t think front man Nick Workman or guitarist Marcus Thurston and Billy Taylor stop moving all night as they bounce around the stage. It’s easy to see that the whole band is enjoying every second on stage tonight and the crowd are right there with them. As the night closes in with “White

Flag” and “Sooner Or Later”, Vega are still standing strong and putting together incredible performances. If you’ve not caught them yet, there are a few dates left on the tour and I strongly recommend you check these guys out.


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