Jinjer - Micro - EP Review
Jinjer - Micro - EP Review8
Jinjer - Micro - EP Review8
Jinjer - Micro - EP Review8
Jinjer - Micro - EP Review8
Jinjer - Micro - EP Review8
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Following on from the Ukrainians third album King Of Everything which was released 2016, the female fronted heavyweights, Jinjer, are back with a five track EP which is full of their unique blend of Metalcore, Progressive Rock and Post Hardcore.

Formed in 2010 and releasing Inhale, Don’t Breathe in 2012 Jinjer were named the best Ukrainian band in 2013, before releasing Cloud Factory in 2014 and embarking on a gruelling tour schedule and playing over 300 gigs. Now they have recorded a handful of tracks to continue the impressive momentum as they make some serious moves in the music industry.

Opening with ‘Ape’ immediately the intense and complex djent like sounds begin, with heavy bass lines and a deep flat groove the vocals switch back and forth from very aggressive to slightly cleaner, singing vocal, with the combination of constant beat changing and Technical Metal in the background. This certainly paves the way for what to expect, this is by no mean no serene, relaxing listen. Prepare to be challenged and try to make sense of the sounds, beats and vocal.

‘Dreadful Memories’ follows on, with its deeply melodic sections, which are interlaced with pure aggression and constant changes to the sound, creating a conflict that is rather brilliant. The vocal moves with the sounds as again we get the transition from song to pure aggressive growl.

‘Teacher, Teacher’ starts with a slightly different feel before utter destruction begins again and we are again singing and screaming along with these twisted sounds and beats that are quite stunning and keep you on your toes, especially with the inclusion of a Thrash speed beat at times.

Penultimate track ‘Perennial’ as a delightful and peaceful beginning musically, before a narrative begins and then carnage ensues as this punishing sound we have begun to get used to continues, challenging any form of sense that you have formed. The emotion and passionate just gushes out the speakers in waves.

Wrapping up the EP is title track ‘Micro’ and by no we know not to anticipate the sound, pace or vocal that will welcome us here. However we have a calm and acoustic guitar piece, with percussion and no vocal to relax us out of the EP and allow us to return to what we know as reality.

This EP is quite stunning, the sounds, vocals, tones and beats utilised must cover the entire spectrum and never lets up in challenging the listener. I hope that this EP is swiftly followed by more music of this calibre as the Ukrainians will be challenging for far more awards, including many from outside their country.


Ed Ford

Micro is released 11th January 2019 via Napalm Records


Track Listing

  1. Ape
  2. Dreadful Memories
  3. Teacher, Teacher
  4. Perennial
  5. Micro


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