Jinjer // Macro // Album Review
Jinjer // Macro // Album Review9
Jinjer // Macro // Album Review9
Jinjer // Macro // Album Review9
Jinjer // Macro // Album Review9
Jinjer // Macro // Album Review9
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Having reviewed and been very impressed with the January release of EP Micro, I jumped at the chance to review the latest release by the Ukrainians as I rated the EP so highly and enjoy to see the progression of bands so to say I am excited by the potential of Macro is an understatement.

Having formed in 2010 and releasing Inhale, Don’t Breathe in 2012 Jinjer was named the best Ukrainian band in 2013, before releasing Cloud Factory in 2014 and embarking on a grueling tour schedule and playing over 300 gigs.

Kicking straight in to the album with ‘On The Top’ the groove smacks you in the face and begins to get the body to move, before the brutal vocal that can be produced by frontwoman Tatiana Shmaylyuk, greets us in wonderous fashion only to later mix it up with the wonderfully clean vocal that she also produces. The flexibility of the vocal is one of many things that make this band so fantastic. Throw in the Technical aspect of the music along with the bass-led undertones that really rumble through the body. This is the way to open an album!

As we head through the album and get to ‘Judgement (& Punishment)’ we are also introduced to the Reggae flavor that blends perfectly with the heaviness that the band creates, again flowing on that heavy bassline and heavily grooved riffs.

‘Pausing Death’ has the drums leading the track and the guitars really show their technical prowess, whilst the brutal vocal attacks at full force and the drums are really turned up in places here. Here we have a Progressive Tech-Death wonder.

As the 9 tracks progress we are caressed but then battered and bludgeoned by brilliance. The softness and melodies of the music and vocal at times are matched by the utter devastation that the band creates in the blink of an eye. The technical aspects are extremely impressive and the groove that is predominantly created by the hammering of the bass is a joy to behold. This music is guaranteed to get people moving.

I signed off my review of the EP with “I hope that this EP is swiftly followed by more music of this caliber” and I am very pleased to announce that Jinjer has created something bigger and better than the EP. This is certain to really push the band and get them to make that next step. I am very excited to hear from tracks from Macro whilst in the pit at Bloodstock in August next year!


Ed Ford


Macro is released on October 25th 2019 via Napalm Records.


Track List

1. On The Top
2. Pit of Consciousness
3. Judgment (& Punishment)
4. Retrospection
5. Pausing Death
6. Noah
7. Home Back
8. The Prophecy
9. LainnereP




24.10.19 US – Waterloo, IA / Spicoli´s Reverb – Live Music and Bar Arcade
25.10.19 US – Iowa City, IA / Wildwood Smokehouse
26.10.19 US – Racine, WI / Route 20
29.10.19 US – Calcary, GA / Dickens
30.10.19 CA – Edmonton / Starlite
31.10.19 CA – Vancouver / The Rickshaw Theater
01.11.19 US – Seattle, WA / El Corazon
02.11.19 US – Portland, OR / Hawthorne Theatre

08.11.19 UA – Kiev / Bingo
12.11.19 DE – Dresden / Beatpol
14.11.19 DE – Berlin / Bi Nuu
15.11.19 DK – Copenhagen / Pumpehuset
16.11.19 DE – Hannover / Musikzentrum
19.11.19 LU – Esch-Alzette/ Kulturfabrik
20.11.19 DE – Frankfurt / Das Bett
21.11.19 DE – Leipzig / Hellraiser
22.11.19 DE – Annaberg-Buchholz / Alte Brauerei
23.11.19 DE – Köln / Gebäude 9
24.11.19 DE – Bochum / Zeche Bochum
26.11.19 NL – Amsterdam / Q-Factory
27.11.19 NL – Eindhoven / Dynamo
28.11.19 NL – Antwerp / Kavka
29.11.19 UK – London / Heaven
30.11.19 UK – Birmingham / Asylum
01.12.19 UK – Newcastle / Think Tank
03.12.19 UK – Manchester / Rebellion
04.12.19 UK – Bristol / The Exchange
06.12.19 FR – Paris / La Machine
07.12.19 FR – Annemasse / Cheteau Rouge
08.12.19 FR – Toulouse / Le Rex
10.12.19 ES – Murcia / Garaje
11.12.19 ES – Madrid / Mon
12.12.19 ES – Barcelona / Boveda
13.12.19 FR – Toulon / Omega Live
14.12.19 IT – Milan / Legend Club
15.12.19 CH – Zürich / Dynamo
16.12.19 AT – Graz / Dom Im Berg
18.12.19 AT – Wien / Szene
19.12.19 HR – Zagreb / KSET
21.12.19 SK – Bratislava / Majestic


Tatiana Shmayluk – vocals
Roman Ibramkhalilov – guitars
Eugene Abdukhanov  – bass
Vlad Ulasevich – drums
For more info on JINJER visit:

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