Jimmy Eat World // Surviving // Album Review

Jimmy eat World are back! With studio album No.10 no less and it’s an absolute beauty! Surviving sees the Arizona band at their absolute best with a collection of highly addictive and engaging recordings. Right from the off you’re thrown into the mix with the album’s self-titled track with its mesmerizing guitar riff and hypnotic vocal delivery. The band’s signature sound written all over this fine album, you’ll immediately feel at home wrapping yourself up in this rock classics. All you’ll want to do is crank up the volume and shake your ass off!
‘Criminal Energy’ takes the riffle up a notch with another killer track, right away you get a sense of how these tracks will transfer to the live stage and you can almost smell the stench of hot sweaty bodies losing their shit to these gnarly numbers, ‘Delivery’ showcases the bands more melodic and emotive side with its intriguing storytelling that draws you into the track verse by verse, ‘555’ offers an cinematic quality to it’s delivery and yet another notch in the bands armour as they showcase their evolution as artists with an album of maturity and poise.

“… I realize that I wouldn’t be who I am today unless everything happened exactly the way it did. I can listen back to our records and hear that maybe I was trying to tell myself some things before… but didn’t really want to let them in.

Our 1999 album was called CLARITY, but I really wasn’t on a quest for clarity when we put that out.

The crux of the decision is ‘Am I going to do something different or am I going to continue even though I hate who I am right now?’ That’s the difference between surviving and truly living. That’s the point of the songs on SURVIVING.”
– Jim Adkins

There isn’t a weak song on this album, it’s a labor of love that reaches into the very depths of what made Jimmy Eat World such a staple in the rock genre for the last two decades and more. Surviving represents the very best of what Jimmy Eat World is all about, like an audible high that just has you coming back for more. You’ll have this album on repeat till your ears bleed. The album closes off with two behemoth tracks in ‘Recommit’ and ‘Congratulations’ to sign off on a glorious return.
Surviving is released Oct 18th Via The Orchard / RCA
Criminal Energy
One Mil
All The Way
Love Never

Pre-order / save Surviving: http://smarturl.it/Surviving

All The Way (Stay) Listen: http://smarturl.it/ATWS
All The Way (Stay) Watch: https://smarturl.it/ATWS/youtube
Love Never Listen: http://smarturl.it/LoveNever

Surviving, The Tour Tickets: https://smarturl.it/JEWTour

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